3, 4 (…knock at the door)

Day 3

I have installed a translator app on my phone, so what I do is I think of all the phrases I may have to use during the day, use the app to translate, write down (the English and French versions) in my notebook, and practice until I’m confident enough. Then I can go out. Its easier than sign language abeg. Of course I still ask people if they speak English before I attempt anything, but then even if they don’t, I’m adequately prepared. I’m proud to say I purchased a couple of items without having to overly depend on sign language 😀

Err…so I discovered I left an important document at school yesterday, I tried to go back there today, but for some reason I missed my stop again. Tor. I need serious help, because I was really looking out for the sign and everything. Oh well…I suppose it won’t happen again. Of course I gave up on the quest to retrieve my document; I’ll get it on Monday.

PS: You know that thing you see in the movies, where a guy wears nothing but a one – piece thong bathing suit, flowers in his hair, and walks about on the road? That thing is real yo! I saw it today, and the guy seemed to be really proud of himself, standing and posing for pictures. *shudder*

Day 4

Today is just lazy. I haven’t found anywhere to buy a pot yet, so I can’t cook anything. I actually saw a pot for about 49 Euros when I went grocery shopping, but I quickly went in the opposite direction. Is it the Last Supper that I want to use the pot to cook? Please. The cafeteria is closed on weekends, so it’s every man for himself. In the evening, I head down to the city centre to eat street food. I locate a stand, and order shawarma. These people put lettuce and fries in their shawarma (of course I’m shocked, I have to ask the guy what exactly it is that he is preparing, as I am no longer sure). Oh and he speaks English too. He’s a student at my school as it turns out, and he’s from Tunisia. It’s funny, the things we take for granted. I mean, I grew up hearing English all my life, but these days, I’m extremely pleased when I hear people speak English. C’est la vie.


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