Presentation? Haagen-Dazs

Day 9

TGIF! Today, I have a course titled Integration of Cultures. Now, the wonderful lady that is the lecturer is very interesting. She makes each person stand up, say their name, where they’re from, where they live, and say a bit about their home environment (where they live). Of course, yours truly does not like such things, so when it gets to my turn, I go “my name is ….., I’m from ……, I live in….., that’s all.” Please don’t judge me; I’m not big on public discussions. Well, after this ordeal I glance at the course outline, and see that participation accounts for 30% of your final score on/in/for this course. Good Lord. I do my best to contribute anyway, who doesn’t like having As? My contributions are mostly useless questions, like “why are French roads and cars so small? What’s the ‘value’ behind that?” Next thing is group work (which accounts for 40% of your final score<smh>): everyone picks a country from an envelope (like ballots, you don’t know what you’re picking), and whatever country you pick, you (and others who picked the same country as you) have to research on the culture, and make a presentation. The catch is that this lady doesn’t want PowerPoint presentations; you have to do something ‘interesting’. You can choose to present food, music, dance, whatever, but not PowerPoint slides (or if you must, the number of slides should be 3 at most). Let’s see how that goes, even though I know I shan’t be dancing nor doing any such thing during my own presentation, seeing as I’d actually have to be drunk to pull that off. No, I don’t like alcohol; even red wine tastes weird to me. I like her class though; it’s quite interesting and informative.

Day 10

Nothing, really. There was grocery shopping and window shopping (with the Tanzanian), more fountains, etc. Oh, yeah we saw a Haagen-Dazs outlet and I suggested we go in. The prices made me do an about-turn; I wonder what I was expecting though. I actually went to look them up on Wikipedia, and I saw that they’re classified as a ‘luxury ice cream brand’. E pele o, I went down the road to buy the one I could afford. And this ice cream I finally got was awesome, but expensive. Like 3€, but with cookies inside, and the cookies didn’t get soggy at all (so imagine how much uncle Reuben & aunt Rose’s* franchise owners were selling theirs). Totally worth it though, but the Haagen-Dazs price issue was more than puzzling so as I said, I went to look them up. I found that in the US and Canada, their products are actually produced by a subsidiary of Nestle. I also found out that Nestle produces the Ovaltine that many of us like to despise (see, even MS Word flags it as a wrong word, but it doesn’t underline Haagen-Dazs or Nestle. Racism :p), and that it (Ovaltine) actually has a much bigger market share than I thought. Err…what else? Okay yeah, do you guys remember Carnation milk? No one? You old geezers, stop pretending. I wasn’t actually born by the time the last tin was consumed in my house…or if I was, then I wasn’t up to 2 years old. Anyway, I’m sure you always knew it was a Nestle product, but I wonder why they stopped selling it in Nigeria, I mean…one needs to have options other than Peak, Dano and Oldenburger. Please don’t mention Cowbell beside me, thanks. Yeah and Butterscotch candy too, who remembers? That sticky sweet thing wrapped in golden foil? #sigh#

PS: I’m sorry if I have bored you with my rambling. I’ll do better next time.

*Reuben and Rose Mattus were the original founders/owners of Haagen-Dazs.


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