Diamond Biscuits (*rme)

Day 13

Guys, coffee is poison. Don’t argue, just accept. I went to bed relatively early last night, woke up at 2am and couldn’t go back to sleep till about 5.30am, no matter how much I tried. I had a class by 9am this morning, and of course I was sleepy during the otherwise interesting class. After lunch, I was supposed to have another class, so I decided to get coffee from the dispenser. Prior to this, about 3.5 years ago, I had a terrible experience with coffee and swore never to touch it again. Apparently the passage of time up until yesterday dulled my memory of that incident.
So I got the coffee, a cappuccino, and drank it 5 minutes into my 2nd lecture of the day. And then my tummy started misbehaving. It was like a mixture of ulcer, sea-rumbling and cramps. I’ll spare you further details (no, at no point did I have to flee to the bathroom), but you get the gist. I almost couldn’t concentrate, and the course I had is not exactly (in) my forte, as I’ve never taken anything like it before (Finance. Last time I did something related was in Junior Secondary School). I also couldn’t let the turmoil show on my face, lest they assume the worst. After the class, I decided to go grocery shopping somewhere near my last bus stop, and I saw a ‘biscuiterie’.  It’s a cute little store, that sells all these traditionally made biscuits (some in tins, others you pick and pack by yourself – my phone was dead so I couldn’t take a picture). When you enter they give you one biscuit to taste, of course they’re very nice, but not worth the price. The snag is the price: 3.20€ for every 100g of biscuit you select. Do you know what 100g is? About 4 or 5 biscuits, that’s all. I remember buying a pack of cookies at a shop a few days before, for about 1.14€ or thereabout. Anyway, like I said before, this is a tourist town (I mean, this store is even right beside the Tourism Office), so they’ll always have customers. I also ventured into a Clarks store. Let’s not talk about their prices, yeah? Okay.

Day 14

11.00: Tonight, we party! (Okay that’s a half truth, I’m not partying anything. I’m only going to be an observer).

11.30: What am I wearing tonight? *tries on a couple of dresses, decides that I will definitely freeze to death in this weather if I wear any of those out, gives up and moves on to more productive things*

12.30: *does some research for school assignment*

13.15: I’m hungry man *eats breakfast*

13.30: Internet, Internet, Internet (Work, Play, Work)

16.50: *Facebook message to J* Hey, what time are we setting off?

16.55:  *response appears* At about 20.50, since the pre-party starts at 21.00

17.00: My phone is misbehaving. Can’t access BBM, Yahoo messenger or twitter. *sleeps off*

18.30: *awake* Phone is still misbehaving. Internet problem maybe? *tries to browse on BB, it works just fine. Logs on to computer, Internet also works just fine there* Still convinced there’s something wrong with the internet, my phone can’t be broken.

19.00: Time for dinner *cooks dinner*, turns out to be less than disastrous, and actually edible. We bless God.

20.00: Time to shower and get dressed. I still haven’t decided on an outfit. Oh well, its just the pre-party I’m attending anyway, plus I’d freeze to death if I wear any of those dresses I was considering.

20.35: *dresses in jeans, camisole and jacket, carries scarf in bag* I can’t die of cold because I’m doing fashion. *checks phone again, its still misbehaving*. Okay oh, time to go.

21.20: *arrive at Le …..* Nobody familiar in sight, na wa. Place isn’t full yet. *orders (plastic disposable) cup of punch*. The punch is sweet, with none of the bite that alcohol brings (yay!)

21.55: More and more people are arriving, the theme of the main party (which starts at 00.00) is ‘Call me Maybe’, so many people are dressed in ridiculous outfits (like rag day in Nigeria), and many (guys) have written their phone numbers on their shirts. Call them Maybe.

22.07: Finally, a familiar face! Hiiii!!!. *gist gist gist*

22.20: Some dude (with his friends) wants to sit across from me, and asks permission. Sit if you want to, I don’t own the club. Turns out he’s from Luxembourg, a really tiny European country with about 500,000 people. Apparently no one speaks their language, so while in school they have to learn English, French, Spanish and German; as this makes them able to communicate with the outside world. Intelligent decision, I must say. Dude is actually really cool.

23.16: More familiar faces. We decide to go out and get some air, because inside is really crowded and hot. *steps out* Outside is FREEZING. I feel sorry for myself; I’m supposed to move to Finland in January. What would I do then? *spots police men and women leaning against a police car, just chilling, to make sure nothing gets out of hand here. Remembers Nigeria, chuckles to self. Nigerian Police: If you like, kill yourself. Night is for sleeping*

23.25: Time to head home. *heads towards Irish pub to say hi to a friend*, people try to persuade J and I to stay for the main party, but no way. We have a class in the morning, and our bodies aren’t used to such activities. Why the French like to party on week days, I’d never know. All I know is I must get at least 6 hours of sleep, if I’m to concentrate in class tomorrow.

23.50: Finally heading home. Of course the last bus has left, so we have to walk. *sees stone, moss covered fountain, takes a picture*

Apparently this is a warm spring of sorts. Next time I go, I’ll put my hand in the water to confirm

LoL. How would I have coped if I’d worn a short, flimsy dress? This weather is cold!

00.10: *enters room* Ah, finally, a warm room. Phone is still misbehaving, and I still think there’s an issue with the internet. *Makes cup of hot chocolate, drinks*. Goodnight.


One thought on “Diamond Biscuits (*rme)

  1. Nice read. Considered using itranslate on this post but I figured it would just mess it up. Waitin for the next episode… Not like PHCN stole your power cable.
    Peace out
    (that’s my signature)

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