Vingt-deux et Vingt-trois

Day 22

Yesterday, I went to get some foodstuff, and I saw McVitie’s biscuit. I was too shocked, and I grabbed it immediately. I was actually wary of what kind of biscuit it was exactly, because it wasn’t stated…but it’s McVitie’s, so it can’t ever be horrible. To my utmost delight, it turned out to be Digestive! Pure, undiluted, Digestive biscuit. #sigh# It’s always nice to see familiar stuff.


Today, I did laundry. You see, the ‘laverie’ is in another building entirely, quite a distance from mine. I thought I could get by washing little by little in my tiny bathroom (they designed it with elves in mind, believe me), but how do you wash the bigger stuff? Where do you spread? Anyway, so I went to the laverie, waited my turn, and put my clothes in. Absolute disaster. I don’t know if the machine malfunctioned at some point during the process, but you know how a washer washes, rinses and spins your clothes, such that by the time you bring them out, they’re not so wet anymore? Well, this one didn’t spin, or it tried to and couldn’t. By the time the timer went off, my clothes were dripping wet, and there was still water in the machine. I had to wring manually, and put into the dryer. Another disaster, as the clothes simply refused to dry or be dried. 5 times I put in money, and 5 times the machine pretended to be drying my clothes, but each time, it was just the same as before.  I finally gave up, and packed up my stuff. I had to spread them all around my room like a bush girl, all the while hoping that no one would come knocking. Funny thing is, by the next morning, half of them were dry. Note that my windows and shutters are always tightly shut, and today was no exception. Told you the machine was pretending, the little money sucker.


Day 23

I had a class along the lines of Team Building today. This class was…interesting, to say the least. I’ll explain shortly.

My lecturer starts off cracking jokes, asking us whether we have taken time to hug a tree before. His reason is that the tree provides, shade, oxygen and what not, and it doesn’t even get any thanks from anyone. Tor. At some point during the second half of the lecture, he mentions this tree-hugging again and I inform him that we may be carted off to mental homes if we are seen doing such.

He doesn’t immediately appear to be a black man to me, because his skin is white, and his hair is short…but then he shows us a picture of his afro, and I begin to notice that he talks like a black man. You know those black movies with church scenes? You remember how the preachers sound? Yeah, this one sounds like that sometimes.

So I said this class was about team building yeah? He taught us some concepts, and let us know very early that there’s always a reasoning behind his madness, which actually turned out to be true in the end.

First, he had us split into teams of 5, and then each team had to pick a team name, and make a flag (he provided materials for that). My team name was very badass, the flag was a skull and crossbones kind of thing (that part was my idea :D). Of course he taught some concepts after this, explaining why he had us do that.

Next, we had to go outside. This dude is really playful. I don’t know how best to describe this exercise, but just know it involved 5 people tying a knot on 1 short rope. Trust me; the way this was set up, it wasn’t easy at all. At the end, after everyone twisted and turned and someone wriggled into the rope, we sha tied the knot. My team won :D. More teaching ensued, then lunch, then teaching, then…

Third, he provided mysteriously unconnected materials (disposable cups, plastic bottle covers, lighters, sticks, rubber bands, balloons, etc), and told each team to construct a self-propelled car, in 1 hour 30 minutes. LoL. I have a Bachelors degree, but I spent my day constructing a ‘badass’ flag, knotting a rope, and constructing a toy car. I should send a picture of the car to my father, let him see where his money is going. Smh.  My team sha won, again.

In unrelated news, I’m not sure I have mentioned this before, but these French guys looooove dogs. I am not exaggerating; I see one new breed every day. And many of them are those tiny, toy-like things, very amusing to watch. I saw 2 that look like midget camels, no jokes. I’ve seen them twice now, but there’s never enough time to take a picture, as I’m always in a moving bus.

Also, the way the French cuss. My days, if you don’t understand, you’re very likely to believe that the person is extolling your beauty or virtues or whatever. And you know how their language is, everything sounds very sweet…not like our ‘olori buruku oshi’. But then, I guess if you say even that with a smile and a soft voice, it would sound as sweet.

That’s all, for now.


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