Weekend 4

It’s a weekend, and there’s nothing interesting to do, apart from assignments. Ugh.
One day this week or last (I forget), I had salmon in the cafeteria, and I liked it, so I decided to try it out on my own (even though I had no idea what they did to make theirs look and taste the way it did). Bad move. I purchased it, and asked an Asian friend of mine how she eats hers, and she said she just eats it like that (a la sushi), with wasabi sauce. The one I bought was smoked (as usual, because I can’t read French I didn’t find out till I got home), so I decided I was going to fry it (Asian friend said I could, in butter). Long story short, it was too spicy (apparently they spiced it while smoking, so adding mine made it too much). And who fries smoked fish anyway? Smh. Smoked fish is for cooking soup abeg. That said, I crave onugbu and ora/oha soup. #sigh

I haven’t started traveling anywhere, my mates go to Monaco, Nimes, Nice, etc on weekends, meanwhile I’m here frying salmon 😦
Seriously though, I have to find a way of feeding in this town, since cooking is fast becoming a nightmare. I mean, why would the rice I cook in Nigeria behave any different from the one I cook here? Why would any cooking oil in the world smell and taste horrible, and taint the food I cook? I didn’t think that was possible, but here I am, tired of wasting food. Thank God for fries, sausage and ketchup (Heinz, as I have learnt to stick to what I know when in doubt. Before I go and buy soy sauce parading itself as ketchup).

Meanwhile, the days are getting colder, and I can’t seem to be able to keep warm at night. There’s a heater in my room, but the controls are not -I suppose they’re waiting till winter to turn it on. I seem to be the only one who is cold though, because I still see people parading about with tiny shorts and flimsy tops, early in the cold mornings. Oh well… All this gist means I have to start arranging myself for Finland. That place is the mother of cold regions, and she should be treated as one, else she will disguise your death as a heart attack. That’s very bad pun, I know – and I’m sorry.

Err.. While I still check on my blackberry everyday, I think my new phone is a cute little powerhouse. But it has started falling from my hands too. 😦


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