Week 5

This is the 1st week of the month, bill time! Thankfully, I paid my rent in full, so I don’t have to be pained about that anymore (yes, paying bills pains me). I even heard I can apply for and get a refund (of up to 90€ per month) on the rent, that’s amazing 😀

So yeah, I renewed my bus pass, also officially filled forms and ‘enrolled’ in school and the French system (cost about 500€, somebody hold me and sing to me 😦 ), and this ‘enrollment’ includes health insurance that I’m pretty sure I won’t use till I leave France, trash. Also had to ‘buy’ Civil Liability insurance, so that (as it was explained to me,) if I set fire to my room or hit and kill a child (with what? I don’t have a car, and my body is too tiny to hurt anyone), I wouldn’t have to pay anything. I see. The good part is my provider is celebrating an Anniversary, and they’re giving away 47€ to subscribers who also have accounts with a particular bank. I had issues opening an account with this particular bank, and I thought “abeg, I don’t even need an account in France”, but now, err… I’m prepared to be humble and politely ask what the matter is, and how we can resolve it together. As it turns out, even the refund on my rent requires a French bank account. *sigh*

While I was going about the business of paying my bills, I saw a couple of stuff, and took pictures to entertain you;

This is the Hotel de Ville, apparently that giant clock was erected on the foundations of an old Roman passageway or something like that (yeah, this town used to belong to the Romans in years gone by). I’m not 100% sure of my facts, I’m only saying what I read on the internet. I need to go on a tour of the place though, one of these days.

Told you the people in this town have strange dogs (to me).

One of the many fountains in this town

There was a party on Tuesday, to welcome all the people in my residence, and this was the band that played.

About traveling, you can travel to places like Italy and Spain from France, without a visa, but you need some sort of documentation, its called OFII. I applied for this OFII a long time ago, and while they sent me a letter saying they received my application, they have not invited me for the prerequisite interview. Please I want to visit Switzerland and co oh, these people should hurry before I have to leave France. I hear it depends on your country of origin though, because apparently some countries’ citizens have to be investigated properly or something. I’m Nigerian, so of course they have to investigate properly. *sigh

It’s time to apply for accommodation in Finland, and for some reason I dread living there, because its reputably so cold. I know how cold I feel in the morning and night here in France, and its not yet winter or anything. How will I cope, seeing as I’m moving there in the middle of winter? Also, warm clothing is really really expensive, and when I see some prices, I can’t help but convert to naira in my head. I’d have to buy and move eventually, but let me postpone the ‘evil’ day and enjoy the afternoon warmth for as long as I can 😦

School is getting hectic, assignments/projects/whatever they’re called are piling up by the day, and I have a 9 hour long Accounting class on Monday. Please what have I gotten myself into? The last time I did anything accounting or finance or business related was in Junior Secondary School, Lord help me. Also, 9 hours? I’m going to be needing some tape for my eyelids, and a lot of chocolate (valid excuse to buy Digestive Chocolate Biscuits, 😀 ). I’ll let you know how that goes.

Err, what else? Oh yeah, I entered a couple of shops to see if I’d find any winter boots, but I didn’t. 😦 But I saw a couple of clothes in size 4, and it is delightful to know that the tiny people of the world are loved and remembered, at least in France.


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