Weekend 5

I wanted to go for Nuit Blanche in Paris, but I couldn’t 😦 So, instead of sitting in my room studying [or trying to study and failing because of twitter (._.  ) ], I went to Monaco this weekend, and I took lots of horrible pictures which I won’t hesitate to share with you.

1st, I noticed that the area is hilly/mountainous, and there are more than a few houses perched atop hills, and in some areas, these hoses stand alone (i.e. with no immediate neighbors). Also, many of their roads were built through the mountains, so you have a number of tunnels. There are public elevators too, like near the road (I wondered if those are supposed to take you to the top of the hills and also underground, so I looked it up on Google, and yeah. That’s the purpose).

Well, we got there in time, but we got carried away taking pictures of the beautiful scenery around us, so we missed the Changing of the Guard at the palace. I found a youtube video of it later though, so no worries there.

Next stop was the palace. There’s a museum beside it, so we went in there 1st. Costs 8€, but if you’re a student and can provide proof, you pay only 3.50€, to tour both the museum and the palace. No pictures allowed there. They give you an audio guide in whatever language you like (looks sort of like a walkie-talkie, or a tiny Texas Instruments calculator), and it explains the important historical stuff you’re seeing as you walk around.

There were all sorts of stuff in the museum, I wish I had a photographic memory so I could describe all I saw. I saw the tiny booties that Napoleon’s son wore during his christening, a bureau that Napoleon gave his wife (looked like a cross between a cradle and a hammock to me though, but what do I know?), different swords that belonged to him, all those guns they used in the olden days (including cute tiny ones that were for the protection of female royalty or something). All these, a lot of personal effects that belonged to royalty, gifts, and then wax figures of Napoleon, 18th century shoes, historical documents, the works. I know this all sounds very boring, but I was fascinated. There was a bombing in France at some point, and one of the shells from the bombing is on display; also, a man once tried to kill Napoleon (he wasn’t even being stealthy about it), and the knife he planned on using is on display at the museum too. It looks like a kitchen knife, but with nice engravings on the blade. There are other beautiful things that I really don’t know how to begin to describe; only pictures would suffice.

In the palace, there was another audio guide, we saw the rooms belonging to King/Prince Louis the *insert appropriate roman figure, I’ve forgotten*, the Duke of York (he died there, after catching a chill on his way to Genoa (Italy)), the Hall of Mirrors – Salon des Glaces in French (basically 2 large mirrors on opposite sides of the tiny room, so if you look in one you can see an almost infinite number of images of yourself. You get? And it doesn’t matter how old you are, when you see it you’ll be amused, at the very least), and among others, we saw the throne room. Many of the ceilings in the palace are decorated in beautiful alfresco, and there are too many paintings. Did you know that Grace Kelly was the Princess of Monaco at some point? She married Prince Rainier III, and had 3 kids, one of which is the current Prince of Monaco. Sadly, she died in a car crash in 1982 L. Anyway, there’s a painting of the family, i.e Rainier III, Grace Kelly, and the 3 children…beautiful stuff. There’s also a painting of just her, somewhere else in the palace, and when the audio guide was describing it, the voice said something along the lines of: “notice how the sparkle from the ring blah blah blah, lighting up the Princess’s eyes and making her look more beautiful”. I’m sorry, but that sounded pretentious to me, like maybe the current Prince told them to add that bit, since she’s his mother. I’m sorry, please don’t arrest me. Anyway, the tour of the palace was awesome, but EXHAUSTING!

Next stop, Monte Carlo. No, we did not see the Grand Prix, although it would have been awesome. Some other time, when I have wads of cash :D. I hear if you want to live in Monte Carlo, you better be prepared to put down at least 1million dollars for yearly rent. Of course I did a quick Google search, and found a couple of places. Click here to see, if you care…notice the difference in prices between Monte Carlo apartments and random Monaco apartments. Also, how can I be paying 650€ (N130, 000) a month for a ‘maid room’? The ‘room’ had better include a guest room, living room, kitchen and pantry. Anyway, it’s France. Rent prices where I live are outrageous too, so I shouldn’t be surprised.

Yes…Monte Carlo. We saw the famous casino, but again, no pictures allowed. My friend managed to get a picture of the bar though. LoL, we saw the ladies’ room, and we tried to enter to see what it looked like, not like we needed to pee…and then they told us we needed to pay 1€ or something to enter, LMAO. Anyway, after the casino, we were basically on our own at this point, so we just wandered about. The rest of the story is in the pictures…

Houses on hills in Monaco

Stalagmite discovered while digging the tunnel we just emerged from, it’s approximately 200,000 years old. You guys remember Stalagmites and Stalactites yeah? No? Google then.

Monaco lies in between the Alps and the Mediterranean Sea. This is (part of) the Mediterranean…

I don’t know what this building is, but its fine, so…

Institut Oceanographique (back view)

Front of the Institut Oceanographique; I don’t understand this statue.

Vehicles used to take visitors on tours of Monaco. Reminds me of a toy train I had as a kid.

I have no idea what this building is, but its in Monaco. Probably a State House or something.

Front of the palace. That’s a guard there, They’re always marching up and down, I wonder why…surely it can’t be for the amusement of tourists.

Now, Monte Carlo


I hear this one is used for cruises on the Mediterranean Sea, but I think that when its not moving, it’s used as a hotel, because I saw a number of people on the balconies of their individual suites/cabins (/whatever rooms on a ship are called)

I couldn’t resist

Okay, now I’m tired, sorry I can’t put up any more…My pictures don’t do the town justice though, and if you’re ever in the South of France or even Italy, try to visit Monaco. Even if its just for the awesome architecture.


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