Week 7

Monday: I didn’t step outside all through the weekend, I just know that I was feeling very cold throughout. Today however, I had to go out to do some stuff. 1st thing I noticed as I stepped in the hallway was that my feet were cold, so I went back and replaced my normal ballerina flats with All Stars. I was also wearing 2 sweaters, so I thought I was covered on that end. I got a rude shock when I stepped outside; summer is well and truly over. I have never been this cold in my life, and the wind, my days. I had been hunting on the down low for winter clothing, but I’m not even smiling anymore, my fingers are numb as I type this. I’m heading to Carrefour right now, before I freeze. Despite being the bargain hunter that I am, I don’t even care much about price anymore; I admit I have lost this round. Oh and this is still autumn, winter hasn’t come. Also, the winters in this part of the country are purportedly milder than in other parts. LoL. Last but not the least, I’m moving to Finland in the middle of winter. I need to put on some flesh, clothes cannot help me at this point. I’ll also be needing daily prayers for my safety, thank you.

Update: as you already know, the amount I paid for all the warm stuff I bought nearly brought me to my knees. It’s all good though, daddy is in support. When I finally got out of the store, it was 9pm, colder than ever. I couldn’t stand there and wait for my bus which was to come in 20 minutes; I entered the very next bus I saw. They should install heaters at bus stops abeg.

Tuesday: I still don’t believe what I paid yesterday at the store, because I was sort of calculating in my head as I was picking stuff. Anyway, I bring out my receipt and look carefully, and lo and behold, I was charged for 3 boots instead of 2. It doesn’t even seem like an honest mistake…I’m going to go there after school today, and politely ask for my refund. If that doesn’t work, I will make trouble, they will understand the meaning of drama. Never mind that I don’t speak French, as long as my money is involved, we will communicate somehow.
On a lighter note, I was talking to my little sister about the stuff I bought, and I said that when it comes to boots, I’m afraid my fashion sense might have to fly out the window cos the sturdy winter boots are not beautiful at all. Her response: “Hahahahah u don’t even hav fashion sense talkless of it flying out of d window!” *tears* I give up.
I have come to discover that having a bus pass is not really important, as the bus drivers don’t make sure you swipe before you go sit. Oh well, better safe than sorry.
Update: I went there after school, and there was no denial or anything on their part, they put the money back on my card. That’s nice, but I won’t believe till I actually get an alert from my bank.

Wednesday: I got the alert on my card, yay!
I thought that with the program I’m enrolled in for masters, I wouldn’t have to do programming or statistics. Wrong on both counts, I hope I’m not screwed.
I think I’m gonna buy a portable heater for my room, since they don’t want to turn on the central ones and the nights are so cold, I now feel uncomfortable. The only thing holding me back is the fact that I’m gonna be moving from country to country, and I don’t want too much luggage.

Thursday: I almost fell sick last night, unbelievable. I’m definitely getting that heater today. Worst case scenario, I’ll donate it to goodwill before I leave.
Update: I have bought the heater, and it is heavenly! Like I actually sweated while I was asleep earlier this evening, that hasn’t happened since I got here. Wonder why I waited so long.

Friday: my exam hopefully went well…with all these management courses, you never know.
So I got a letter from my Civil Liability insurance people, apparently they couldn’t pick the money for the payment from my bank card. This is the 3rd time this sort of thing is happening, as I tried to pay for something on Amazon yesterday and got a mail saying they couldn’t access the money. I think the problem is that with the French system, you don’t need to input your card pin; you just give them your card number and ccv. Being that I’m from Nigeria however, and being that fraud abounds, the banks (in conjunction with Visa or MasterCard or whoever your provider is) would never let money be taken from your account if your pin isn’t inputted (whether or not it is required)…oh well, good thing I got my French bank card today. I appreciate the security measures though; I can’t be fighting money disappearance battles across the seas.
Today is International Day at school, basically a party for international students – the students cook food from their country and wear their native attired and present in school. I shall be a taster and observer, please intercede for my tummy.
That reminds me, I went to buy ramen noodles yesterday, and I saw something that was supposed to be palm oil. It was red quite alright, but then it had hundreds of white balls in it, hian! I no do abeg.


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