Week 8

Monday: this week, I have an elective class. Funny thing is that this ‘elective’ is compulsory for all the people in my program. Smh. The lecturer is a distinguished fellow anyway, and he looks the part. The lecture itself is quite enlightening.
In other news, my heater is quite effective. This morning before I left my house, I was sweating buckets (and the heater in question was in fan mode, not even heater mode).
Tuesday: I didn’t sleep early last night, and it’s not like I was doing anything productive; now I’m in class, feeling sleepy. The bus to school now comes pretty early though, I think someone complained. Before, it used to come like 15 minutes past the scheduled time and because of that, everyone used to take their time in getting to the bus stop. Now, you better be there 5 minutes before – because sometimes it arrives 10 minutes ahead of time, smh.
The traffic in the evenings around the city center is very appalling, for such a tiny town. You could actually spend 30 minutes waiting for your bus, because it’s stuck in traffic somewhere else.
I got a letter in the mail today, from the ‘landlords’. I’m supposed to give them evidence of room insurance and evidence of civil liability insurance. After all the money I’ve paid, these folks keep asking for more. I’m just tired.
Wednesday: Today, I have an appointment with the Finnish consulate in Marseille, at 5.30. Please who sets appointments at such times? And then the form I filled for the resident permit, one would think I’m applying to enter college for the 1st time. Ridiculous questions. And apparently my passport photo must be a certain size, LoL.
Update: Marseille is a bit like Lagos Island, believe me. Tall, old buildings with clothes spread to dry on balconies, only in this case some of the buildings are very tall so they obviously have elevators, and in addition to clothes, there are bicycles hanging off the balconies too.
Anyway, my meeting with the consulate went well, it’s run by a man and his wife, in their house. The place I suppose was designed for dining is where they consult with people on Finnish matters, and they have a very friendly dog. As the woman explained, the reason theirs isn’t a full blown office is that not many people in Marseille need any Finnish info or services, as a matter of fact she had even forgotten part of the process, I had to remind her.
Thursday: For some reason, I’m so sleepy today, I’m nodding off in class. Tres embarrassing, I should probably desist from consuming hot chocolate every chance I get :$
A cold is supposed to take 3-7 days to ‘go through its paces’, but today is the 7th and I’m still coughing this chesty cough. Perhaps the ‘an apple a day…’ mantra doesn’t work in this region.
Does anyone know a car manufacturer called Geely? The first time I saw a Geely car was about 3 years ago, and the first thing that came to my mind was “Geely ke? what kind of Aba car is this?” (excuse my ignorance, please)….today in class, I learned that Geely has bought Volvo (I know Volvo is no longer the rave, but back when I was growing up, it was). The Chinese are slowly taking over the world. Even Tata (Indian car company) seems to be doing well. Oh well, when will Nigeria have that kind of positive attention biko?
Friday: I don’t think I’ve ever looked forward to the weekend this much since I got here, I need to sleep and laze around. Meanwhile, LoL, assignments and research work are piling and chilling for me. I want Ileya too 😦
I hear temperatures this coming week are supposed to drop to about 2 degrees, I haven’t checked the full forecast myself. Told you I’ll be needing prayers for my safety, but I think you should save your energy till I actually get to Finland. Speaking of which, I see that on my flight, I will only be allowed to check in one 23kg suitcase. Any extra means I have to pay 70EUR. LoL, where are the cargo companies? There must be a way around this mess. I got my 47 EUR ‘refund’ from my insurance provider, yay! Also, I received a mail from the individuals in charge of giving me a refund on my rent, saying I am now eligible. Another yay :-D, even though the process of collecting the money is said to be long.


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