Week 13

Monday: Leadership Perspectives class again. This week is going to be a rainy one, according to the forecast. I dislike rain and the wetness it brings. I’m also slowly getting tired of my classes, I don’t look forward to any of them at all. Good thing it all ends in 3 weeks. After class, I have to go to the bank to transfer money from my Nigerian account to my French one, so that I can pay for my house in Finland. Incidentally, my bank is on Cours Mirabeau, the street where the Christmas market is set up, so after my bank transactions, I start walking back slowly, glancing at all the stalls, and that’s when I see puff puff. I don’t think I’ve ever been this shocked at the sight of something, but right now, I am. Of course I order some, and to my surprise, he doesn’t give me any of the ones on display, he fries a fresh batch. Apparently those ones are just for show, because according to him, it will be cold if he gives me that. They taste lovely anyway, maybe because of the sugar sprinkled on them. After this, I ask where the vin chaud stand is, and he points me there. Guys, vin chaud is awesome. Just accept it. It’s warm red wine, incase you were wondering. Perfect for a rainy night.
Tuesday: 9 hour class today, and the next 2 days. I miss the first part of my programming class, because I found that I cannot pay for my apartment online, I need to do a physical transfer and send them the receipts. This means I have to go to the bank, but thankfully, the process takes only a few minutes. I also need to go to MEP to ask for my social security number, but apparently they don’t open till 10.30, then they close at 16.00. Sigh… The French.
The last class is accounting, and the guy is just as tired as us, so he lets us off early. Constant rain again today.
Wednesday: the last Marketing class, also the day we have to turn in and present our assignments. I tell the lady I would have to leave a little early, since I need to go to MEP, and she doesn’t seem very pleased about it, but she does a good job of hiding it. Perhaps I’m getting better at reading people, perhaps I’m delusional. Oh well, I also tell her that my group might have to present first, so that I can leave before the MEP people close for the day. She must think I’m very audacious, especially because when she points out weaknesses of the product we’re presenting, I disagree and tell her that those are not weaknesses. Sigh, I should learn to shut up, but even when I do, my turmoil always shows on my face, and this leads the person I’m silently disagreeing with to ask me what’s up. Need to develop a poker face then.
After collecting my social security number from MEP, I go back to the city center to wait for the bus, because I still have a French class from 4.45 to 7.45. At the center, just before my stop, I see that an accident has occurred, and traffic is building up. I silently conclude that navigation is about to become a nightmare, but no sooner have I said this to myself than a truck appears, clears up the wreckage, and in 5 minutes, there is no sign of this accident. I’m amazed at the efficiency with which this happens, because the French know how to be lethargic.
Anyway, I end up waiting 30 minutes under the rain for this bus, and I finally decide that I will be more useful in my room, than where I currently am. I can even learn French in my room…and thus ends my day.
Thursday: Pseudo programming, but this time the lecturer is discussing the exam that we will have on Tuesday next week. Good thing, so that we don’t read pointlessly. We’re supposed to have accounting for 6 hours after this, but we finish in about 2. Yayy!!! And then we stay back to work on some of our endless projects. Oh well. It’s also not raining today, thank goodness. But it is cold, about 4 degrees. Funny thing is, I’m not shivering anymore, I have actually gotten sort of acclimatized, whoop!
Friday: Last classes, I think. I have 2 big exams, Monday and Tuesday.
On my way back from school, I actually encounter these guys who check your bus pass and everything, on the bus. It was amazing, like they went round with POS-looking machines, checking everyone’s. And I was planning not to pay for December, or at least to pay only half. Bummer.
I want to go visit Oppidum d’Entremont this weekend, but I have to study. No cheers to the weekend, none at all.


That’s the puff puff I was talking about. They have a French name for it, but I’ve forgotten…


This is a crappy photo of a beautiful moon. It was beautiful when I was looking at it, I promise. But my phone, sigh.


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