Week 14

Monday: Marketing exam. This one actually went well, I think.*

During the exam, I spent quite some time writing my draft (I have no idea why I have this habit, seeing as it is time wasting. But I can’t imagine writing directly on my answer sheet, without first working out any kinks that may be present in my answers. If I do, my entire sheet would be a hot mess).

After writing the draft, I began transferring the answers to the main answer sheet, and I had only used about 1 of 4 pages when I heard people requesting extra answer sheets. I was shocked, to say the least, and I started doubting myself. Like aix|en, are you sure you’re writing the correct thing? About 5 people had requested extra sheets by this time. Well, I didn’t have time to ponder too much on whether or not I was writing the correct thing(s), because time was running out very fast. At the end of my entire writing, I had used 2.5 of 4 pages. Note that my handwriting is tiny, but I make it large when I’m writing exams.

Anyway, 10 pages or 2 pages, the entire thing is to score an A.

Tuesday: MIS (aka pseudo-programming) exam. I have no idea how this exam went, or if I will have an A. This is one of those courses where it doesn’t matter that your lecturer told you where to read, and how to answer his questions. It really doesn’t. I thought I was the only one in this predicament, but when I heard my unvoiced despair echoed by everyone after the exam, I knew I wasn’t. I will cross my fingers and see what this brings. I’m glad it’s over though, and I’m glad I had such a helpful lecturer.

After the exam, I went to do some light shopping for household items. I have to be careful what I buy these days, because I’m moving soon and I don’t want to have to lug unfinished FMCG-category stuff around. I don’t even think I’m buying food anymore. I forgot to pay for my bus pass though, and I feel guilty. I had proudly said I wouldn’t pay for December, but I would feel too too dishonest if I don’t. Ugh.

I found the French word for that thing I called puff puff in my last post, it’s Croustillon, and here’s a picture

On my way back, I saw the most amazing scene, just there on display, no one attending. I couldn’t capture everything with my camera, but it’s just like something I saw in the museum at Monaco, only that this is more Christmas-y, and alive. Like the mill is moving, and water is actually flowing. It’s basically a village scene, set in medieval (I think) times. Beautiful stuff.

Last week in class, the MIS lecturer reminded me of a French song I learned as a kid, called ‘Dominique’** by the Belgian singing nun, Jeanine Deckers (Soeur Sourire). Listen, you might like it.


Wednesday: Nothing other than an evening French class today. I think I will go to Oppidum d’Entremont, if the weather is fine.

I want to go to Strasbourg. It’s a German town in France, and I hear their Christmas markets are lovely. Of course, there are other wonderful Christmas markets around me, but I just want to go to Strasbourg. I also want to go to Parc National des Calanques, in Marseille. That’s a more immediately-achievable wish, so I shall do just that.

There’s a tour trip to Avignon this weekend, I think I’ll go. It appears I just want to visit everywhere in Southern Europe before I leave for the North, LoL. It’s logistically impossible though, so I shall content myself with the towns around me, and Italy.

Thursday: I go to class this morning, but then I leave after I find out that there’s no lecture, it’s just a series of presentations, and my own presentation is supposed to hold tomorrow. May as well get ready for that, plus I’m sleepy. I decide to stop at Oppidum d’Entremont, and well, what I see is quite interesting. I just try to imagine the Romans leaving their land (about 2 hours away by plane), and coming here to settle down. Like how long would it have taken them to ride their horses and/or chariots to somewhere so far, and even then, how did they know where to settle, and where not to? Why there? Yes, the Romans came to this town because of water, but I mean, assuming they didn’t find water here, would they have continued moving until they did? Perhaps they would have gotten to Africa? How come their food and other supplies didn’t run out on the way? Okay they must have killed animals and roasted, and also eaten fruits and stuff. Water nko? What if they hadn’t found water here? Because, I mean, how much water could you possibly carry with you on a journey whose duration you’re not sure of? Too many questions.

Anyway, I go about my business, and then I go back to school at 4pm, for a meeting. This meeting is a dance rehearsal, for tomorrow. I think I’ve mentioned this before, but just in case I haven’t, tomorrow is the second Intercultural Day at my school, and this time the French cook for us, while we sing and/or dance for them, or put on any other show we like. Yes, so the Africans are dancing to Oliver Twist, Kukere, and Kuduro. Nice abi? No, not for me. You see, I have the proverbial ‘two left feet’, and a preponderance of self control. Terrible combination, but I do not want to look like the jerk who doesn’t ever participate in anything, so I will dance. Or move like a robot, whatever.

Friday: I have 2 reports to submit today, and a presentation. I’m happy we’re coming to the end of all these things, but then it will all begin afresh in January. -sigh-

I wake up feeling sick though, like really terrible. I try to go back to bed, to sleep it off, but nothing changes, so I try to go about my normal business, still no change. It suddenly occurs to me that my body might be revolting because I didn’t eat properly yesterday. I mean, I ate 3 times, but apparently I didn’t get enough nutrition or something. So apparently, my body cannot even support me if I decide to go on a fast of any sort. I find myself getting better with every bite of food I take, which is a relief, because I have too many things lined up for today.

The Intercultural Day goes extremely well, the Indians have something to present, the Vietnamese and Indonesians too, a Vietnamese girl dances to the popular ‘Gangnam Style’ (the crowd goes crazy with that), the Chinese sing a song, and EVERYONE loves our dance. Like, at the end, we call people to come and dance with us to the Kuduro, and the response is too amazing (I had imagined that only like 4 people would come, but no. Here we are, fighting for space on the dance floor).

After the show, we eat. The French students have prepared food and drinks from their different regions. Amazing stuff, and now I can say French cuisine isn’t as terrible as what I’ve been eating has led me to conclude. I taste and taste and taste, and drink and drink and drink, till I am way too full (shey my body wants food, let’s stuff it). And then it is time to go home, but the last bus has gone. Of course, we wait a while before we discover this, and then we have to walk back to school, and seeing as I don’t have any friend who has a car, well, I am quite worried. But then, a kind American-French-Chilean soul decides to give us a ride, and other people do the same. This dude is really nice and funny and well travelled, he’s a lecturer at the school (why don’t I have such lecturers abeg?)…and his daughter is too cute and precocious. He actually made jollof rice for the Festival at school, and it tasted good!  They call it another name though, but I didn’t quite catch it. Starts with a ‘j’ as well.

This time around, cheers to the friggin’  -raises glass of punch- weekend!!!

* I say ‘I think’ because with business-related courses, there really is no way of being 100% sure, until you get your results. Not like engineering where you mostly just have to know and apply formulae.

** Apparently, this song was used as a sound track in American Horror Story: Asylum, so it might bring back scary memories if you’ve seen the series. I don’t do horror, so I’m blissfully ignorant 🙂

PS: We hit zero degrees Celsius today. It snowed too. It was more like frozen rain, but whatever. The ground looked like someone poured silica gel all over, and people were just trying to slide on the road. One guy fell though, poor dude. Of course I stopped trying to join and slide after I saw him fall, I’m not looking to break my bones or laptop or watch, thanks.

PPS: Sorry there are no pictures of the food, I was too busy eating, and my hands were too full.


Pictures of the scene I talked about earlier





Pictures of Oppidum




Saw this tower and wondered why I’ve never come to explore it



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