Week 15

Monday: Class, one of the ones where I actually learn something. I like the teacher, and the way he tries to get us to understand. Well, all my lecturers do, it’s just that with some subjects, my mind automatically shuts down as soon they are mentioned. –sigh- Well, I understand this one.

Tuesday: Free day. I ought to practice cases involving financial statements for my accounting exam, but I get stuck somewhere (how do you accountants do it without running mad? My sheets never balance!), so I decide to go over the reading list for the Elective Class I have later in the week.

My time in France is slowly coming to an end, and I feel bittersweet emotions, because even though I get frustrated with the system here at least 3 times a month, this place has become my comfort zone, and so it will be missed. I won’t miss the dog poop that decorates the streets though, ewwww. I still haven’t tasted bouillabaisse, this is unacceptable. I hope I like it when I eventually get to taste it though, because I must, before I leave France.

Pizza for dinner, biquette (that’s the closest I’ve come to goat meat since I got here). Not bad.

Wednesday: French class later in the evening. I have a presentation to make, for my final credit score in this class. I could do it next week, but I want to do it today. I also need to purchase a bag or suitcase that complies with Ryanair’s cabin luggage dimensions. These no frills airlines are spawns of witches, to be honest. You’ll be thinking the to and fro trip will cost you only 64 Euros, as seen on the booking page, but no. You will have to pay ‘tax’, which is an extra 15 Euros or something, then administrative charges (~13 Euros), then you have to pay to store your luggage in their ‘boot’ (~40 Euros, that’s the least you can pay), pay to print your boarding pass in your house (5 Euros, but if you forget and come to the airport to print it, you will pay 20 Euros). Add up all these charges. Oh well, seeing as their flight schedules are the only ones that suit me, I will suck it up. Yes, we’re travelling. Not to Finland yet, no – we are not flying Ryanair to Finland, heaven forbid.

The bus company for this town has changed its schedules, and left in its wake, chaos. For me anyway. I don’t want to go into details, but I get frustrated at the bus stop and decide to skip the class entirely. I go shopping in Decathlon, for thermal underwear and real winter boots. I don’t see any boots that catch my fancy, so I skip. I will beg someone in another country to help me buy and send.

I buy (sterilized) goats milk, because I want to taste this milk that everyone has been raving about since the Babylonian era. A word of advice: Buy random, good ol’ cow milk along with this, so that in case you don’t like it, you won’t be stuck with just that. Tastes weird, I like not.

Thursday: Electives class. Psychology tests, guidance to help you choose what career you may be best suited for. Still haven’t gotten my Finnish residence permit. I send an email. My reading bulb is dead. I have an exam on Monday. LoL. My body stays betraying me in this foreign land, I almost got sick this morning, simply because I did not clad up properly in the night. This never happens to me in my home country.
Hmm. We have Christmas lunch today (that’s another way of saying no fries for me), and the staff go all out, within their budget, to give us a nice meal. I will miss them, because they’re ever smiley and friendly and crazy!
Here’s the lunch:

Friday: I receive an email saying I have been granted the residence permit. I hope they send the document before I travel. The electrician will come and replace my bulb on Monday. Medicine after death, no?

Saturday: Class again, please don’t ask why, I’m as confused as you are. The end of the electives class though, yay. I need to make my hair, African hair wasn’t made to withstand winter, and my lovely hair has started giving me the red light in that regard. I found this place for African hair on the internet last night, and I decide to go there after class. They’re cheap, to my greatest delight. I will buy a wig from them, if I find a really nice one that suits my face. I hate wigs, by the way, for the mere reason that you can be embarrassed in the twinkle of an eye if it comes off *shudders* …but the weather is getting worse, and I love my hair too much. I also thought about cutting it at some point, but common sense prevailed. Common sense may yet prevail as regards this wig issue. But I need a lasting solution though.

I wanted to go to Marseille today (to visit Parc Nationale des Calanques and eat bouillabaisse too), but I’m too hungry and sleepy. This new bus system stays confusing and consequently annoying me. Cotton candy for the pain.


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