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I mistakenly deleted the post I had published before, but luckily I had an almost complete backup. Can’t remember what is missing.

Monday: Financial Accounting exam. It wasn’t fine, and it is not because I didn’t know what to write. Afterwards, I had a Finance class, during which we heard that we ought to submit tomorrow, a project which we hadn’t heard about up until now, and that we will have an exam. On the morrow also. Highlight of the day was when 2 of my program coordinators took us for lunch at a proper tiny restaurant. Restored my faith in French cuisine…I still want to taste bouillabaise though.

Tuesday: Finance class, and the presentation. The awesome part of this is the fact that the guy talked a lot, and for so long, that there was no time to write the exam anymore, all we had time for was the presentation. Maybe he was only trying to be nice though, but just to ensure we didn’t write that exam, I filled up the rest of the time by posing useless questions x_x Had a pizza and drinks dinner with friends, it’s nice to do these things before everyone leaves for the holidays, because you may never see some of them again.

Wednesday: Final class in IAE, in the evening. It’s my French class, and we all have to make a presentation of/on our stay in France, including where we went and couldn’t go, what we liked or didn’t like, etc. Before that however, I have cups of vin chaud with a few classmates, while we discuss the weather and stuff (I sound very grown-up, no?) I’m gonna miss this school though, and the town. *sniff*

Thursday: So, today we travel. Whoop! I hate to pack, so I always leave it till the last minute, as I have done today (how I manage to never forget anything is amazing). Had to stay up late last night, scouting hostel sites for where to stay. Found somewhere about 3 weeks ago, but discovered over the weekend, that something isn’t or wasn’t quite right. Had to start searching all over again. Anyway, I found, and paid the deposit. Weather forecast says it ought to drizzle today, and seeing as I hate wetness, this is not good news for me. Rain in December? Your mates have turned to ice elsewhere fa. About my flight, it got delayed by about an hour, which was worrisome because my destination is not a familiar place for me, so I wanted to arrive in daylight and everything. Sadly, this was not to be. My flight was fine though, thank God for safety. The manager of the place where we’ll be staying already gave us directions over the phone and via email, so it wasn’t actually so difficult to get to the place. However, one thing that struck me is how similar this place is, to Nigeria. As I got to the city center to catch the bus to my hostel, a taxi driver came up to meet us, several in fact. “taxi? Taxi?” (very different from the well cultured and sometimes snobbish people of the town in France where I like) I asked him how much the taxi would cost, he said 25€. Note that the place is like 5 minutes away oh, but I didn’t know that at the time. Anyway, I told him thanks, and asked where I could take the bus, and he said ah, that the buses and trains are on strike, and that even if they were working, the buses are too wide to enter the street I’m going to. LOL! Say what now? Abeg I’m Nigerian, I’ve heard stuff like this before. My friend and I thanked him and told him we wanted to get maps from inside, and we left. On the way to catch the bus, I saw many people selling stuff (ranging from hand bags to adaptors) by lamp light, a la the streets of Lagos. Also rows of ’boutiques’, a la Balogun market, and many streets in Lagos. People here are total hustlers mehn. I’m in Italy, by the way. As averse as I am to using shared bathrooms, this bathroom is actually clean, yayy!! Also, breakfast is included in my ‘rent’, another yayy! (yes, I know I’m being silly)

Friday: Rainy. Ugh. This doesn’t mean I stay indoors though. My friend and I wander around the Colloseum, the nearby museum and church. There’s so much to see and learn. For lunch, we enter a restaurant, and order lasagna, and tap water. They make us pay 3€ for the water! I’m too stunned, because this doesn’t happen anywhere else in the world. On top tap water? You shan’t see me again. Too shabby.

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