Kolme, Neljä


Have I mentioned how grateful I am that these people speak English, in addition to Finnish and Swedish? No? I am totally grateful. I have learned 2 things so far: one is that the Finnish do not have a word for ‘please’, the second is that ‘thank you’ in Finnish is ‘kiitos’.

Today is orientation, and then a bus tour afterwards. The bus tour is interesting, but we do not stop to look closely at any of the things or places we see, and this, combined with the weather and comfort of the bus makes me really sleepy. Err, I don’t like snow. It’s beautiful until you have to walk on dirty streets that look even dirtier, thanks to the wet snow. Oh and the dog poop thing on the streets, I’ve seen it about twice now. On snow. Eww.

We have to go collect our ‘starter package’ afterwards, but I really don’t need it. The package consists of a duvet, pillow, and kitchen stuff. You have to pay some money though, 70% of which will be refunded after you return the stuff in good condition. The previous tenant left me a really clean duvet (which I don’t even need right now) and pillow, I already have a pot, plus there’s lots in the kitchen.

The cold: Average temperature is -5 degrees, for now. I think my ugly winter jacket is doing a pretty good job. I may have to buy better boots though, in case I ever have to walk in about 2 inches of snow. Not quite sure how the ones I wear now would hold up, as they are not proper snow boots.


The cafeteria food is awesome, and you get to serve yourself whatever amount you can finish. I will try to eat really well in the afternoons, so that I don’t have to eat anything serious at night…but unfortunately, my tummy capacity is really small and it can’t hold much food at one time 😦 .

My bank account is finally open, and now I can pay my rent (have to pay before the 6th, else they would charge 8% extra for every day I default), and every other thing I need to pay for. I wish there weren’t so many things to pay for. Speaking about money, I’m seriously thinking about getting a job, if my lectures are not so stressful. I will convince my father to let me.

Still haven’t figured how to use the cooker, and I haven’t actually met anyone in the kitchen that I could ask. My muffin stash is depleting 😦

The only convenience store on my side of the students’ residence is located just behind my room, and my room is on the ground floor (how else would I have carried The Monster and my 2 other pieces of luggage?) 🙂


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