Week 2

Sunday: In the evening, I go with some friends to a hotel nearby, to use the gym, sauna and pool. We end up not being able to use the gym, but we spend almost all our time in the pools. There are quite a number of pools, including a warm spring, a couple of playing pools, an outdoor pool, and a regular pool. They’re all heated, but the regular pool is a bit colder than I would like. The sauna, hmm. It is my first time of being in one (even though there’s one in my building). I find it quite odd, sitting stark naked with other human beings in a dark, steamy room. Eww. To put my mind at ease, I take more than one towel, and cover myself with it while in the sauna.

Monday: I’m supposed to have a Business Negotiation class today, but when I get there, I discover a couple of things. One of them is that we were supposed to register for our courses in December, but no one told us, so we didn’t. The second thing is that this class is now full, and since we did not know anything about registration, we aren’t even on the waiting list. That explained, the teacher kindly kicks us out of the class. He’s a really nice guy, honestly.

Tuesday: Have I mentioned how much I love having lunch at school these days? I have French class in the evening, and to my surprise, it is very unlike the French classes I used to have back in France. No spoon-feeding whatsoever here, we are all treated as if we already know and speak French fairly fluently. Good for the ones who do, not good for me 😦

Wednesday: I have a class at 8.00 am today, but I wake up at 8.08 am. Horrified, I jump up from my bed while trying to decide whether to miss the class or make a run for it. I decide it wouldn’t do to miss the class, but I am quite reluctant to walk into a class 1 hour after it has begun. For some reason though, the class doesn’t start until I get in at 8.48 am, thank God! There’s a party later tonight, but before that, a pub crawling event. This pub crawl is organized by an international student body, and we’re supposed to take a map and visit, in groups of 4 or 5, the different pubs on the map. At each pub, representatives from the student body would be waiting for us, and they would give us some tasks to do, which would earn us points if completed properly. These tasks range from identifying body parts in Finnish (note that none of us speaks a word of Finnish) to acting out a Finnish drama. Quite interesting, to be honest. In addition to the 6 pubs on our list, the boys want to visit one more because they have cheap beer. I try to see if I can order some food at this place, but their prices are outrageous, perhaps to compensate for the fact that their beer is so cheap. Ah well, I settle for a burger from Hesburger afterwards. I go too early for the party, and I don’t enjoy it at all. I will never go too early for a party again. If it is not convenient to go late, then I won’t go at all. To make matters worse, I find that I have forgotten my ticket/invitation at home, so I have to pay to enter. Ugh. I have a class tomorrow though, so I have to leave early…

Thursday: On my way to class, after I have walked all the way from my house, right in front of my school, I slip and fall on the ice, and thankfully, only my butt is hurt. This is less embarrassing than I thought it would be, but that’s probably because the sky is still dark, oh well…I have classes from 8.00 am to 6.00 pm. Being that I did not sleep early last night, I doze through all my classes. Smh. I have to take 2 elective courses, or 12 credits, to bring my total number of credits this semester to 30. I am quite indecisive about which 2 to take, but I decide to attend a course called Information Systems Research on Games. I have no idea whether or not this course is interesting, because I was feeling too sleepy. I suppose it ought to be though, but I was too tired to appreciate anything. For this course, there is no exam, but we’re required to keep a learning journal, about 5-10 pages for each class, and 3 articles (relevant to what has been learned for the day,) attached. I have no idea what I’m supposed to have learned in one class that would span even 2 pages, not to talk of 5 or even worse, 10. This is interesting.

Friday: About that Business Negotiations class, the management created a new group for us, so we can take the course, and the people on the waiting list can also get in. Yay us,we’re heroes 😛 Anyway, the class is really nice, I like. Here, we are also required to keep a reflective journal for each class, which would be made into a 10-15 page essay at the end of the course. That’s easy. After class, we decide to go to the art museum, because it is free on Friday afternoons, but the free entry only starts at 4.00 pm. I cannot go home and decide to sleep before then, because I would be too lazy to come out after. We decide to go to the city centre and faff about for a bit, and in the process, we make a number of discoveries, one of which is an african store! whoop! I actually count 3 of them in the same complex. After gazing like proper intellectuals at the paintings in the museum, we go downstairs to the shop where they sell all sorts of knick knacks, and while my friends are buying postcards for their friends and families, I buy a music box 🙂

That’s the museum…

…and my music box 🙂


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