Week 3

Monday: No lectures, yay! Well, I have an assignment to submit tomorrow, and a 5-10 page paper to write and submit by Thursday. This place isn’t even half as easy as France was, and France wasn’t easy at all. It’s like I’m studying for a PhD, rather than an MSc. Oh well.

This evening, I have a get together to attend, for Information Systems students in my city. This turns out to be my best night since I got here. I know this doesn’t say much for my social life, but whatever. Basically, it is a house party with nice background music, games, drinks and little bits to nibble on. That’s my definition of fun. I don’t like parties with loud music (that I cannot dance to) and strobe lights and things. Miss me with that, unless you’re a dear friend. Well, I won a game of Kimble, and I got a Max Payne tee, yay!!

Saturday: My room is pretty warm , but the temperature outside, LoL. I have included a screenshot from my phone. Oh and it’s in Celsius/centigrade, not Fahrenheit. I have quite a number of assignments to complete before the weekend runs out, but the internet is too full of more interesting things than what I actually have to do. It’s true what that meme says, that when you’re supposed to b studying, even the wall becomes more interesting than your books. Sigh. I’ve started cooking anyway, and it’s going pretty well! Yay me 🙂

Sunday: The events of today have been quite annoying, if I must say. 1st, I was supposed to either go hiking or sledding, but then due to logistic failures and things, I couldn’t go for anyone. 2nd, the WiFi toggle on my phone has been misbehaving for quite some time; for instance, when I leave my room where I’m connected to the internet, it drops the connection in realtime, but on the phone, it doesn’t show that I have disconnected. That way, by the time I get to, say, school (which is 15 minutes away, so there’s no way my tiny router can reach that far), it doesn’t pick up on the new connection that is there, hence it cannot connect to the hotspot. Such things shouldn’t happen, but when they do, you’re supposed to turn off your WiFi thing and turn it back on. Now, like I mentioned earlier, my WiFi toggle stopped working (probably a new firmware problem, or some sort of bug), so every single time I moved to a new place (again, say, from school to my house), I would have to restart my phone. I got tired and decided to do something about it, so I ‘repaired’ it. There’s a repair option in the console for my phone on my computer. I got a warning that some things would be wiped out, blah blah blah, I backed up the relevant stuff and everything, and then when I was done with the repair, I saw that all my apps had been wiped out, except Whatsapp. Weird, no? Anyway, I went and opened Whatsapp immediately, to see if all was still the same. Nope, it wasn’t. I had to sign in afresh, as if I was using it for the first time. No biggie, I used my Finnish number, and they sent the activation thing and all was fine. I sent my contacts a message explaining stuff, and then all of a sudden, in the middle of one of my chats, I got a message saying Whatsapp needed to re-verify, that I should re-enter my phone number. I did, and they said “your number xxxx is no longer allowed to use our service”. Let’s not burst into expletives, shall we? Good. I calmly tried again, uninstalled and re-installed, to no avail. I put my French SIM into my (now defunct) blackberry, and tried to use that number, but there was no money on the sim, and when you’re roaming, you have to pay to receive texts or calls and things like that. Since I’m attempting to use a French sim in Finland, I am roaming. Eventually, I had to put some credit units into the sim, for Whatsapp to be able to do their verification. Was this annoying? No. It was infuriating. On the bright side, out of 4 papers that I have to write, I’ve completed 2, the 3rd is halfway done, but the 4th, sigh. It will be done though. Still on the bright side, my folks are sending me stuff to cook soup with this week, yay!!!!





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