Clearing Cobwebs

The fact that I haven’t posted in a while is testament to the fact that my life has been much busier than I expected. I’m going to chronicle as much as I remember, without making it too long.

I spent the weekend at a cottage overlooking the Baltic Sea in Naantali, and I was quite happy about a number of things. One of them is the fact that even though there were 20 of us and only 2 toilets, not once were these toilets dirty. I thought that was very impressive. Another thing I liked was the fact that we went hiking on what we thought was going to be a running trail, but turned out to be a real hike trail. It was about 3km, fun and scary at some points, and not exhausting. During the hike, I saw paw prints of a large animal, which I thought might be a polar bear, but my Finnish companions assured me that these animals are more afraid of me than I am of them, so….

I also got to walk on the Baltic Sea (it was frozen over), and watch the beautiful sunset (of course, I have seen the sun set so many times, but this time it just seemed more beautiful 😀 ). I like the fact that even though we were having a rural experience, we still had working amenities like internet connection. Oh, yeah, at night we got to play games and have conversations and sing along to songs and see movies and things. Really nice, if you ask me, and by far my best weekend so far.

I’ve had quite a bit of school work, that I can barely keep up. I take some courses for which there’s no exam, but the consequence of taking such courses is that one has to write a weekly ‘learning/reflective journal’ on what has been taught. Other than these, I have a number of other papers to write. The preparation one has to do for the exams here, hmm. For the exam I had last week, I had to read a 300-page book, 12 articles, and the lecture slides. I quickly learned how to ‘speed read’, else…LoL. Note that the articles in question are about 16 pages each. In the coming week, I have another such exam. I’m tired.

Last weekend, I decided to go skiing. My friends had already left when I made up my mind, so I had no idea where I was going, I was just following directions. Let’s just say I got lost about 3 times (took a classmate who was randomly passing by in his car to rescue me one time – Thank you, Rasheed!), and then when I finally found the place, I couldn’t find my friends, and I discovered there was no money on my phone to call them. Talk about crappy. I had to go back (I have no idea how to ski, they were supposed to teach me, and I wasn’t about to start asking random strangers stupid questions), and then I stopped at the African store at the city center, bought something and then proceeded to enter the bus to go back home. Only thing is, I entered the bus in the wrong direction. Let’s just say I spent over an hour on a ride through lonely roads, and I discovered that some people live in the middle of nowhere, among other random things. I was too angry at myself, to be honest, and I was hungry as well. Perfect waste of daylight. Anyway, it shan’t happen again. Never. This weekend however, I have been a bit productive, I finished 3 assignments, yay me! Unfortunately, I still have about 3 or 4 outstanding ones, which I have to set aside to study for my exams.

I wish there was some contraption that could make African hair, I’ve been looking like a barbarian because I haven’t found someone who can handle my hair just yet. I mean, my friend called me out on it the other day via Skype, and I was stunned because I was so sure he couldn’t see the hair, being that the lights in my room were dimmed. Smh. By the way, this ‘the other day’ was about a month ago, so imagine what I look like right now. Well, my friends have gracefully put up with me and and my cave-woman looks, thanks guys! And I plan on remedying this before Tuesday, so help me God. Hopefully, I won’t emerge from the process looking even worse than I did before, that is unacceptable.

Oh, by the way, my folks sent me stuff from Nigeria, Nigerian food. I am both excited and nervous, excited because I’m going to get to eat Nigerian food, nervous because I just feel something could go wrong 😦 Anyway, I might write about it afterwards. There may or may not be pictures. On a related note, I have no idea why people spend truckloads of money to leave their countries, and then in the new place, they start looking for foods and people that are native to their home countries. If I do this once in a while, it is acceptable, but ALL the time, nah. I’m sorry, it’s fine to know that there’s a support group (if you can call it that) but I just think it sort of takes away from the overall experience if you remain in your ‘comfort zone’ *side eye at my Chinese friends*…but this is just my opinion anyway, no need to agree or disagree.

By the way, I haven’t forgotten about the pictures of the Spanish Steps and the rest of my trip to Rome. I said I would post them, and I will. Just hang on a bit (that’s if there’s anyone who actually reads this blog).

So Finland is a lot more fun than I thought it would be, heck, it’s more fun than France was, and I think I’ve said this before, but I think it might not be such a bad idea to settle down here (if they would have me, of course. I’m not interested in having immigration problems, thank you). I’d have to learn how to walk on ice though (I’ve slipped and fallen twice now), because my shoes appear perfect for ice, yet I stay slipping. Of course, the ultimate solution to this problem might be to purchase an automobile, but one doesn’t have a job yet, and one doesn’t know how to use the more affordable option that is called a bicycle (don’t even laugh). Oh well.

I got a subscription (there should be a better word, but I don’t remember it) to use the gym, pools and sauna at a nice hotel about 200m from my house. Because of school work, I haven’t been there in about a month. Not even funny, I can’t let my money waste like that. I need a swim(ming) tutor by the way, and a gym partner/tutor (I have no idea how to use the contraptions found in gyms). And a bowling partner. And a ski tutor. *Sigh.

Well, have a lovely week people! Hopefully, there will be no other extended hiatus, fingers crossed.


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