Right Now

I’m not even going to pretend to know what has been keeping me away from writing. Maybe I’ve gotten bored with the whole thing, or maybe I’ve gotten lazy. Lazy is more like it though. Anyway, I’m just going to try to chronicle what has been going on in the 2 or 3 weeks since I wrote last.

1. Swimming: You know how I said I’d be visiting the gym/pool/sauna more often? Well, I went 2 Fridays ago, seeing as I had nothing better to do. I went to the gym 1st, and then to the pool, where my friends nicely tried to teach me to swim (thanks guys!). After doing that, I sat in the ‘warm spring’ pool, and then played on the water slide before heading to the shower and subsequently going home. Plan was to maybe have pizza with a bunch of people, and then go bowling. When I got home, I became too lazy to go out again for pizza, so I had dinner in my room, while messing around with my computer to pass time before bowling. After a bit, I noticed that my neck was really itchy, so I went to look in the mirror (because my friend had also complained about itching a few days ago). What I saw was a bit surprising: my face had broken out in an allergic reaction, and my neck was really red. I quickly stripped to see the extent of the damage, and well, it was quite a lot. I said ‘surprising’ because I have been in pools so many times, and I have never ever had any form of ‘reaction’, my skin is (supposed to be) badass like that. I called my friend who is a doctor (thank you!), and he said to take a shower (note that I already took a shower as soon as I got out of the pool). While I was taking this shower, my tummy started cramping, and while I couldn’t identify the type of pain, I wasn’t worried, because I just thought I would lie down and it would be okay. Couldn’t have been more wrong. It was impossible to even lie down, so I went back into the bathroom, and let’s just say my tummy (sorry to gross you out,) expelled its contents through all possible avenues. Apparently I was so busy being ‘determined’ to learn and having fun (there was music at the poolside so I was dancing as well, LoL), that I didn’t realize the amount of chlorine I was ingesting. Haha, I thought I was going through hell, I asked for the Finnish emergency number before I headed back into the bathroom (a tad dramatic, but I thought I might need medical help. I didn’t call though) *Sigh* Bowling was obviously cancelled for me, as you can imagine, but my friend said the place was fully booked anyway, so they couldn’t go. I haven’t gone near a pool since then, but I will, soon.

2. Exams: Yeah so I had exams last 2 weeks as well, and I aced them, thank God, and yay me! Oh and I’m happy I’m done with my Information Systems Research on Games course, that curiosity has been more than satisfied, don’t think I’ll be going back there.

3. Skiing: Well, I went to the ski place again last week, this time with my friends. We sort of got lost again, I must be a bad influence, because these people ought to know the way there!. Turns out the booth for renting equipment only opens on weekends and Tuesday evenings, as it is assumed that most Finns already have their own skis. Interesting. Anyway, this was a Monday, and as we headed back to the city centre, my face started breaking out again, apparently the chlorine hadn’t been totally expelled or something. Sigh. My body just knows how to be overly dramatic. I went to the Health Services centre and they gave me an appointment for the next day. I asked how much I’d have to pay and they said nothing, as long as I have a student card. This is interesting, considering the amount of money I had to pay in France for ‘health insurance’ which I never had to use, and considering that I would still have had to pay cash if I went to a French hospital, then wait for them to check that I have insurance, then reimburse me (possibly months later, seeing as I’m still waiting for my CAF refund). Crap system if you ask me, but whatever works for them is cool, I suppose. Not my problem anymore…oh it is, I still don’t have my CAF money.

4. Exercise: I recently became worried about my inability to stay focused on one thing for a long period of time (my attention span is epic), unless it is an exam, or a paper that needs to be submitted in about half an hour…and a friend mentioned that I might have ADD (NO WAY!) so I Googled it, and it appeared to be a bit true. Huh. Well, I found that one of the ways to combat this and stay focused is exercising, and it occurred to me that I haven’t really gotten much regular exercise since I left Nigeria (unless you count walking to school), so I decided to resume my exercise habits. Have to get my (beach) body ready for summer anyway 🙂

…to be continued later


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