5. Coding: Ehen, so I saw that video where Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates and a host of other people were talking about coding and things, and being the curious cat that I am, I actually decided to check out the rest of the website (well played, whoever is behind that), and so…well…*twiddles fingers*…yours truly is now trying to learn how to code, one baby step at a time. If it doesn’t go well, if I get bored, if I forget it, it will not be spoken of again. *beep* Oh they just sent me an email, the people running the site: ‘3 tips for learning how to code’; one of them says to tell a friend. Well, I’m not telling anyone, I’m not interested in falling flat on my face and having to explain anything, thank you. Bye.

6. Conversations with my father: I miss my family, and I look forward to conversations with the father, because I like how we talk about grown up stuff like the economy, and we diss each others’ professions as well, LOL. Quite a long way from my extremely stubborn teenage days. These conversations leave my hand cramping from having to hold my phone for too long (yes I know what speaker phone is, go away), but they’re filled with hilarity as well, well…mostly him laughing at and indulging my exuberant excesses, for example:

Him: why do you want to travel to xxx?

Me: because I want to see the world

Him: there’s nothing in all those museums you want to see

Me: I’m aware, but I want to be able to confirm for myself, that there’s really nothing special. Have you even been to xxx before? How do you know?

Him: Haha, so how much is this trip?

Me: xxx Euros, but I’m looking for a job so I can pay for it myself.

Him: Hahaha, I see. Where will you find this job? I will send you money.

Me: ( ._.)

7. Nigerian food: So my folks sent me soup stuff, yay! and I made Onugbu soup, but I shan’t be posting a picture. I was going to, but then I sent it to my friend and he asked if that was Okra soup. My ‘chef self esteem’ darn near plummeted, because the 2 are not even related in any way! Looks more like Afang than Okra, but he’s a guy so I shall assume he doesn’t know anything, and that my camera did not capture the ‘essence’ of my soup properly. It tastes awesome sha, so I don’t care πŸ˜€

8. European Job Day: I went for this last week, and well, it was useful, aaaand I got all sorts of presents. If you ever need a pen, I’ve got loads of fancy ones, and I’ve got a fish-shaped sharpie, among loads of other stuff. Oh I got an apple too πŸ˜€

9. Wine: So I bought a bottle of white wine, and it tastes really really good. While drinking it, I discovered that being inebriated just makes me sleepy, nothing more. So yay, I am not the sort to dance on tables when drunk. (._.)


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