So, one day, about a month ago, my friend buzzed me to say that my school was organizing a free ski trip (in about a week) for all Information Systems students, and would I like to come? I had seen the email before, but since I didn’t think anyone would go, I ignored it. Well, since at least this friend was going, I signed up for it after checking that there was nothing important to be missed at school.

When we got to the place (about 1.5 hours from where I live), I was mentally prepared to be the source of entertainment for everyone, seeing as I had never skied before. I decided on cross country skiing, since that’s safer in my opinion. Not interested in tumbling down a slope over and over again, thank you. Oh, 1st we had breakfast, sandwiches and tea/coffee. Nice. Anyway, so I got my ski equipment and went out on the track(s). 1st problem was fitting my shoes on the skis, 2nd problem was actually moving after getting the shoes fitted – I kept sliding about like a bad parody of Michael Jackson. That resolved, I started to actually ski. Well, I was moving really slowly, till I got to this small hill. I naively tried to climb it with my skis, and that was when I fell multiple times. I watched in amazement as someone actually jogged to the top of the hill, with his skis – and then I tried to replicate it. LOL. No need to say what happened. Someone else came by and tried to get me to sort of cross my skis at the back, because it’s easier that way, and I actually saw many people doing that. No such luck for me, so I gave up on scaling the hill and went around it.

After about an hour, we had to go eat sausages roasted over a fire. Well, we didn’t ‘have to’, we just knew the sausages were there so we went. That was nice, except that I had to stay out of the way, so that I wouldn’t smell like smoke afterwards. I chatted briefly with people I know from school, and had to think of nice ways to deflect the dry jokes someone was trying to crack with me. Sarcasm is usually my default response template, but in this case, it would have been lost on this individual. Believe me, it is mentally torturing when someone has said something he expects to be funny, and you’re just staring at him with a straight face, wondering what to say in response. Of course, with normal people, when you give them a straight face, they will get the message, but not this one. This one keeps smiling, waiting for a response. I’m only speaking about it now because it has happened more than 5 times, with this same person. Moving on…

After eating sausages, we decided to go sledding. This bit was the most fun part for me, to be honest. And before now, I only used to associate sledding with dogs pulling something you’re sitting in, but no. These were just sleds, and you sit in them and start flying at about 50kmph. Nothing more to say here, except, it was really fun, and afterwards we had to go for lunch. Lunch was rice (that I couldn’t eat) and chicken (I tried to eat that), but I couldn’t finish my food, as usual. Ugh. Took a couple of pictures with my friends and other new people I met, turns out people think my sunglasses are really cool (I’ve had them since I was in France last year and no one ever really said anything), because at least 2 people asked to take pictures with them. Oh well…and then we had to leave. Got back to Turku and went home to begin my cheerless weekend. I say ‘cheerless’ because I had nothing planned, but, the next day, my friend invited me to go shopping with her, at the City Market. I met her at the Student Union Cafeteria, and I was amazed at the number of people and selection of food they had there. I mean, on week days, that place is just random, with random food and stuff, but apparently it transforms on Saturdays. There were waffles, all sorts of drinks, pastries, sea food, something that looked like porridge, pasta, and more. I wasn’t hungry, but I kept picking at Jenny’s food and she kept getting up to go get more.

After brunch at the cafeteria, we went to the City Market. I didn’t know such a place existed in Turku. It’s like a smaller version of Carrefour, and while I only intended to look around while Jenny did some shopping for her upcoming trip to Lapland (I like window shopping), I ended up with a really huge box of Rice Krispies, among other stuff. *Sigh*

On Sunday, the TYS (basically the people who manage where I live) organized a barbecue for everyone, and being that I had nothing better to do except assignments – and those are extremely boring, I went. It was nice, just standing around in snow, pretending we were having a Spring barbecue. Speaking of which, it’s still winter in these parts. I mean, the sun rises at about 6.00 am, but there’s still ice on the roads, and temperatures have risen from an average of -3 to an average of -9. Good going, Spring. Yeah so after that, a couple of us played a game where we had to build a medieval town of castles and monasteries, and then I went home. Fun weekend, check.


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