Skiing, Again

I really don’t remember anything that happened during the week in which these events occurred. Couple of boring classes, nothing noteworthy. Meh. I think.

I went to an Irish pub on Saturday, to watch a rugby game, and since it was (almost) St Patrick’s Day, they gave everyone green hats and stuff. I got a green headband that makes me look like a waitress :). I like going to the Irish pub, because they (the bartenders) speak in Irish accents, and it’s so refreshing to hear a ‘traditional’ English accent. Speaking of accents, I think I’m beginning to like the Finnish English accent. However, for me, the French English accent is just….maybe I’ve become overly familiar with it, so no comments, to each his own -_-

Yes, I went skiing again, this time at a track ‘close by’. My companions wanted to walk, and I thought it was ridiculous seeing as the buses were fully functional, but I joined them anyway. The journey took 45 minutes, and wasn’t as tiring as I thought it might be. I’m glad to report that I’ve gotten better at skiing, and I can now climb (small) slopes without falling a lot. I think a couple of us kinda looked like retards, because different people said “this is your 1st time, right?”. LOL. Oh well… We skied about 3km in all, before we decided to call it a day. My arms were aching, I fell a couple of times, and my legs twisted at angles I never thought possible. I’m surprised I didn’t require medical help afterwards, but it was a good day.

After skiing, the people I went with invited me for lunch at their place, and I went, skeptically. I mean, I don’t really know the tastes of Slovakians or South Americans. I planned on eating very little, but I ended up eating plenty, the food was that good. It was a simple meal of baked potatoes and fish coated in flour, bread crumbs and eggs, and fried.

PS: Slovakia seems to be a really nice place, from my friend’s accounts. I should visit, but then I wanna visit Estonia and Norway and Poland first. Sigh. Too many places, so little money, time or companions 😦


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