Pirates of the Baltic Sea 1

First of all, Happy Easter, my lovelies! Enjoy

At some point I thought it might be nice to visit Stockholm, and there was this dude who said he was gonna organize a trip to Stockholm and Uppsala, but he needed 52 students to sign up. I signed up, but then he cancelled it at the last minute. There was this better, bigger trip to Stockholm, organized by the ESN, called Pirates of the Baltic Sea. I didn’t sign up at 1st because I thought the other trip would give me more value for my money, but anyway, since it got cancelled, I joined this one. There were supposed to be about 1500 students from all over Finland, so it already sounded like a drunken blowout before the get-go. Another thing, none of my friends were going to be on this trip, so it was scary for me, because I like having a ‘safety net’ in form of friends when I’m travelling. I mean, I might not even speak to them or dance with them or anything during the trip, but I just like knowing that they’re there, you know?

The day before this trip, the bastard thing better known as a ‘cold’ decided to show up. Extremely annoying, because my colds almost never start without inflicting me with a sore throat for 24 hours. I mean, I haven’t had a cold since I came to Finland, this was not quite the perfect time for one to develop. Well, it was a Tuesday, and I had a Finnish class 12.00-14.00, was supposed to have a French class from 16.00-18.00, and I went home to rest a bit before said French class. When it was time to go for the class however, I can’t explain what happened or how, but something snapped in me, and I decided I won’t be attending this French class ever again. Before you think I’m unserious, let me just point out that I have completed all the credit units I need to graduate in Finland, I’m just taking a couple of extra classes because I’m jobless and things, not because I necessarily need them for anything. Now, let’s move on. So instead of going for this class, I went with my friend to get wings and fries and antihistamines for my cold, and then we saw a couple of movies. Better way to spend an evening if you ask me 😐

The next day, I woke up at my usual time and did a bit of laundry, cleaned my room, and packed my bags. I was previously contemplating whether or not to attend the class I was supposed to have from 10.00-12.00, but then my bus to Helsinki was supposed to leave at 11.00, so it might have been futile to only attend a class for 15-30 minutes. Anyway, so I went straight to the place all Turku students were supposed to assemble, the church. There are many churches in Turku, I’m sure, but whenever someone says ‘the church’, there’s only one thing that comes to people’s minds, it’s the oldest church in Turku (I think). I may include a picture later. Yeah so I got there early enough for them not to leave me behind, and I found an empty seat beside a German dude who turned out to be an interesting conversationalist, so my trip to Helsinki wasn’t boring at all. Since I didn’t know anyone, I had carried my e-reader, so I could read the 2nd book of the Hunger Games, but turns out I didn’t need it. This was going well so far.

(If I don’t get lazy,) To be continued…

PS: Game of Thrones Season 03 starts today! Whoop! I shall proceed to be giddy with excitement for the next 10 weeks, after which the season will end, but then it will already be summer, so there’ll be loads of nice things to keep me excited, yay! 😀


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