Pirates of the Baltic Sea 2

Helsinki: We went straight to the harbor, but then I saw part of the town on our way, which is good, seeing as I’ve never really visited it before. Apparently they organized it so that people from different cities in Finland arrived and checked into the ship at different times, to avoid a long queue and too much confusion. We arrived at about 12.30 or 12.45, and our check-in time was supposed to be 14.00, but then they let us check in anyway, since apparently we were one of the 1st to get there. Our ship was supposed to leave at 17.00, so we had a little over 3 hours to while away. I opted to sleep before the madness began. Turns out my cabin was on one of the lowest decks, even below the decks where they stow cars. Oh and no windows, since it was so low. Claustrophobia alive 😀 Anyway, I was the 1st to arrive my cabin, and I was supposed to have 2 other cabin mates. I of course chose the single bed, rather than the one of the beds on the double bunk. Slept a bit, and then one of my cabin mates arrived. She’s originally Spanish, lives in Jyväskylä (don’t try to pronounce that, you might hurt yourself). Went right back to sleep after getting exchanging pleasantries, and then my other cabin mate arrived. Greek, lives in Joensuu. Oh I forgot to mention that we had the opportunity to choose our cabins and cabin mates the week before this trip. Since I had no friends, I just typed my name in an empty cabin, and prayed no boys would choose the same cabin, because there were no gender separations for cabins.  I shudder at the thought for so many reasons (not what you’re thinking, don’t worry. These ones are mostly well behaved).

17:00: I woke up just as the ship was leaving, chatted with my Greek cabin mate a bit, and then went out for the welcome party at 17.30. It was just a Saint Patrick’s Day slash Pirate themed thing, and I think they gave awards for the best costume. Of course I had no costume, one does not have time for such things. One glass of sparkling wine later, I met someone from Peru, and he coaxed me onto the dance floor where  some people were learning to dance salsa. Afterwards, I wandered about for a bit, then entered the arcade where I proceeded to waste all the coins I had, playing Terminator Salvation. Smh.

19.00: Acrobatics and other performances by a troupe on the promenade.

20.00: Speed dating. Well, it was just to meet different people and know their names, not like any dating was actually going on. Wait, what usually happens at these speed dating events? This one was just “hello, what’s your name, where are you from, where do you live, what are you studying?”, then *buzzer sounds* move to the next one.

21.30: Time for dinner. It was a buffet, and I picked loads of different foods, as if there’s no food in my father’s house. Did I finish the food? Did I even eat up to half? No, but then I stood up again and went to take dessert. I finished that one sha. Sat with a couple of Iranian guys I met during the speed dating thing, and they’re not boring people at all, yay!

To be continued, if I don’t get lazy…


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