Pirates of the Baltic Sea 3

After dinner, I went back to the promenade and sat on the ‘stage’, and began to go through my twitter timeline (sue me). After a bit, some dude walked up to me and squatted in front of me, saying that some Russian girl told him she has a Nigerian cabin mate, and he figured it must be me. 1st off, I have mentioned the nationalities of all my cabin mates, and none of them is remotely close to Russian. Anyway, it was nice to meet a fellow Nigerian, and we exchanged pleasantries warmly until he asked if he could sit beside me. Of course you can…but then he sat too close, like there was not even a centimeter of space between us. I like my personal space more than most, so I thought that was odd and instinctively moved away. Next thing, he was saying something, and then his hand somehow landed on my thigh. Hian. I moved away again. Few minutes later, his friend came up, and as he was introducing us, his hand landed squarely on my thigh again. I had to run off almost immediately. Told him I was going to charge my phone. I really don’t know what to say about that individual. Well, he was drunk, I think, but he was still able to have a very coherent conversation with me, and he wasn’t swaying at all. On my way to my cabin to plug my phone, I passed this obviously drunk couple on the way, and it appeared the guy was trying to persuade the girl to engage in some sort of sexual activity with him, but she was resisting. What caught my eye about her manner of resistance was that she was really caressing his face while telling him she had a boyfriend and could not do what he was asking. Alcohol is a female dog, or something.

Next stop: New York Club. There are 2 clubs on the ship, that and Atlantis. I went there to sit and listen to drunk people singing, because at that time they used it as a karaoke bar. Nothing more. After a bit, the karaoke ended and it was clubbing/disco time. Of course I was still sitting down and observing, as I wasn’t about to enter that mad throng by myself. Next thing, this dude came and sat down beside me, and asked to dance. I said I couldn’t dance (my default excuse for sitting out at events 🙂 ), but he said it doesn’t matter, and truly, it didn’t matter> everyone was just doing silly things on there. Danced for a long time till I got tired and needed some air, then I went out on the deck to look at the sea. It was pretty cold (of course, winter is only about to end now, the Baltic Sea even still has ice plates near the coast).

Next, I went to somewhere just above the dance floor of Atlantis, and sat down to watch the sea. It’s a really cool and peaceful place, you can watch the sunset or the sunrise there, depending on what direction the ship is travelling in, of course. I don’t remember if I danced any more, but I remember going to bed after a while. I’m still less than 25 years, but I believe I’m too old to stay up all night :p

(If I don’t get lazy,) To be continued…


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