Hey Hey

(Even though I’m quite sure no one else reads this blog,) I’m sorry I’ve been away for so long. I have so many things to talk about, here’s hoping I remember most of them, eventually.

Oh, Happy Fathers’ Day. I wonder why I bother to call my parents each year, because they never remember. The (beginning of the) conversation I had with my dad today is almost the same one I had with my mom a couple of weeks ago:

Dad: Hello ma’am

Me: Hallo. Happy fathers’ day

Dad: Uh oh, it’s today? Na wa o. Thank you very much.

Me: Sigh…

Please don’t be deceived by the cheery nature of my title, because I’m here to grieve. About Game of Thrones. The last episode of the season was last Sunday, and now I’ve got to wait an entire year for the next season. But even though that’s a valid cause, it’s not exactly why I’m grieving. You see, during the season, I like to stay one or two episodes behind; the short explanation for this is that I don’t want to die of uncertainty/anxiety about what comes next, if a particular episode ends with a cliff hanger.

So, because of my must-lag-behind attitude, I just saw episode 9. Now, I know, I know, ‘the throne’ is the only protagonist, all other characters are very dispensable. I’ve also been reading the books, I should be better prepared for the sad things that always happen. George R. R. Martin… is a sadistic genius, but c’mon. I knew Robb Stark was going to die, I knew it. I mean, in the book, his killers even attached his direwolf’s head to his body, but inasmuch as I have a very active imagination, reading something and watching are not quite the same. I can’t get into the gory details even if I tried, let’s just say that I usually cover my eyes when they start to kill, but this time around, I had temporal paralysis. The only life I could feel in me was the (self-planted) voice in my head telling me that these people are quite rich in real life, they have a lot more money than me, etc.

This is even more real to me than it was, the first time I saw it.

That said, happy fathers’ day Robb Stark, you might have made an awesome dad.


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