Pirates of the Baltic Sea: Finale

Yes, I made a promise to complete the tale about my Stockholm trip, and even though it was months ago and surely has gotten boring, I ought to fulfil it.

So, I made a couple of friends from Jyvaskyla while we were walking the streets of Stockholm, and when we got back on the ship, one of them wanted to get to the highest (outer) deck, but the access gate was locked. Did we turn back like good, mature humans? No. We slid through the bars and climbed. Our ‘joy’ was short-lived though, because we didn’t want anyone to catch us there, we ran back.

I went to my room to rest a bit, then went back upstairs to look out at the sea. After that, I went to the arcade to play games, and then I met someone I know, and we chatted and played for a bit. Next stop, karaoke bar. Not to sing, of course; to watch. The rest of the night was just spent dancing, going out on the deck for air, coming back to dance, stuff like that.

Next morning, as we were approaching the harbor, I went into the duty-free shop to look for stuff to buy. I’m sure I mentioned somewhere before that I had the flu, but anyway... I saw this nice-looking (and inexpensive) perfume, and I wanted it, but alas, I couldn’t perceive it because the darned flu had taken over my sense of smell. Sheesh. I left it and went to buy a pack of mini Toblerones instead. After we anchored, thankfully, all our buses were already waiting to take us home, so I just hopped on and dozed off almost immediately. I remember seeing someone on the bus reading, she had an exam that afternoon. I thought ‘huh? How can you even study after all this activity’?

Oh well, all traces of sleep left me as soon as we got back to Turku, and then I spent the rest of the day/night being an alcoholic. On the menu: White Chilean wine, lonkeros, cider, and Minttu + hot chocolate. I had the mother of all hangovers by the next day, but I regret nothing 🙂


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