The Land of Tulips and Windmills

I’ve been in Turku, Finland, since the beginning of this year, and I love being here, really. However, I would soon have to move, to the Netherlands. The one thing I was afraid of before I moved here, was the cold. I thought I was going to freeze, but as I have discovered, there is no bad weather, only bad clothing, so I honestly didn’t mind the winter (well, I hated to see ice on the ground, but every other thing was fine). But now summer’s here, and everything is GREAT!!!

Now, the Netherlands. I’ve started learning Dutch, by the way. Goedemorgen 😀 I’ve been trying to look for accommodation there, because the accommodation that the school is ‘offering’ us costs about 400 Eur a month, (For context, let me just add that in France, and even here in Finland, I have never had to pay up to 300 Eur as rent); the accommodation is supposed to be unveiled to us today, 14:00 (Dutch time), during which there will be a mad scramble and all available housing would disappear in 30 minutes. One would think that 400 Eur for rent means that surely you get your own kitchen and bathroom. Ei. Most student dwellings in Netherlands do not include a private bathroom. Like, (this is not an exaggeration) you can find a house with 10-17 people, having to share one bathroom. At least that’s what was written on the listings. There’s more ridiculousness…you can have a ‘dwelling place’ with 10 rooms, all of them have private kitchenettes, but they all have to share a bathroom. Seriously? Anyway, so I had almost given up and I was going to suck it up and try to get used to the idea of sharing a toilet with 4/5 other people, but then someone helpfully told me to Google ‘dutch toilets’. Here, knock yourself out. After seeing that and reading more on it, I decided that nope, I shall not share such a toilet with other people, because it will most certainly always have skid marks.

These days, I look lovingly at my very normal, private toilet, large room with a mini balcony, and say a prayer of thanks. For all that, and the beautiful weather. Yep, the arctic circle enjoys awesome summers too, yay! Also, these days, it doesn’t get really dark. It gets as dark as this (see picture below), and then gets bright again. And, the summer solstice (June 21) that my geography teacher taught me about, I’m about to experience it. How awesome is that? Well, I’m not at the tip of the North Pole, so maybe I won’t experience it, but I hope I do 😀 …

2013-05-16 03.23.08I took this picture at the beginning of May, it doesn’t even get this dark anymore.

I really hope I end up liking and enjoying the Netherlands even more than Finland, but to be honest, from where I’m standing, it’s not looking good.


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