The Weekends…

So a couple of weekends ago, a friend invited me to go on a boat ride, and of course there was no way I’d say no to that, even with my fear of water. Well, so I went, and it was awesome. Really. Oh and I got to steer the boat for a bit. It’s amazing how fast 50km/h feels when you’re in a motorboat. We were just riding about, seemingly aimlessly, but we ended up on some island (Vespä), walked and looked around a bit (yikes, they have stinky toilets on that island), and then started going back to the harbor. It was an okay island, with cottages and saunas and a place to get food and stuff. Typical Finnish island. Well, so we went back to the harbor which was on one island, docked the boat, and then we had to row a canoe to the next island across, because that’s where the car was. I got to row the canoe too (which was really hard work, I couldn’t even row properly. Sigh). Then we drove around for about 30-45 minutes, just sightseeing. The houses on these islands are understandably expensive, because most of them have views of the sea, which is nice. However, there are some new houses that are being built inland, with no view of the sea…and if those ones turn out to be as expensive, then that would be confusing. Like, why am I paying the same price as someone who lives in Hampstead, if I live in not-Hampstead? Moving on…

What else have I been doing? Yeah, I went to the mall with my friend, to shop for a gift for our other friend. I’m only mentioning this because I’d never been to that mall before, and I broke the gift we were going to buy for this friend (I swear I wasn’t careless. The object was more fragile than it appeared)- but thankfully, the cashier said I didn’t have to pay, so yay. Also, being that it’s summer and this mall is not in the city center, there are loads of stores with stuff on sale, but they’re cheaper than what they have at the stores in the city center. (Why am I talking about going to the mall? This has to be the height of…I don’t know. Maybe I’m just feeling sleepy). Then I went to the beach. Finnish beach sand is a bit different from Nigerian beach sand. I won’t willingly plonk down on this one, because it’s dirty, whereas the beach sand in Nigeria is clean and fine. Also, the sea water…I can’t recall how many times I said “eww” as my friend was dragging me in, because of seaweed. Ugh. It was fun though, but I’d have to admit I was a lot happier outside the water, than inside.

I think one of the most fun bits of the past couple of weeks, was when I went ‘clubbing’ on one of the ravintolalaivas (restaurant boats). Okay this one is technically a bar (with a club below deck), but whatever, it’s one of the best in this town. That was fun for me, but people around me kept saying I looked bored. My face is too expressive, and sometimes it doesn’t accurately capture what I’m feeling. Well, I probably looked bored at some point because I didn’t like the song that was on and I had begun to notice that I was feeling hot, but other than that, I was fine. No one had to ask me to jump down from my seat when a song I liked came on (but then the dj didn’t let the song get to the awesome part 😦 ). Well, I had fun, really. To anyone who reads this, don’t attempt to decipher my facial expressions, (except I look angry,) I’m usually okay, and happy, even. Not deliriously happy, maybe ‘content’ is a much better word. Oh well…

What else? Oh my tenants’ association organized a barbecue thingy, that was nice too. Makkara(t), corn, cheese, beer, all sorts, and then games. Then I happened to mention that I’d been to saunas in Finland, but I’d never used the one in my building. Someone then suggested that we go 2 days from then. Hmm.

Being that I’m almost leaving, I decided this past weekend, to go see all the museums I haven’t seen. Yes, I sound like a boring old maid, but whatever. I did see some strange things, but then what is history without a bit of strangeness? That said, this is unrelated, but I want Moomin books.* In English, kiitos.

*Apparently, these books are to Finnish children, what Enid Blyton books were to us when we were kids.



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