So I’ve moved. I’m just going to list the pros and cons so far, and update as time goes on. You can keep checking back if you wish.


1. I have a balcony, and a hammock in it.

2. I’ve always wanted to live on a busy street, and now I do. There’s a bank, shopping center, bar and restaurant just across. There’s a bus stop right in front of my house.

3. Things are quite cheap, compared to Finland. I’ve been going “OMG” in the stores around.

4. There’s a TV in my room.

5. I have a couch in my room.

6. Not sure if this is a pro, but I literally chose this apartment because the rent is cheap. I reasoned that if I’m going to have to share a bathroom with other people, surely I won’t be coughing out 350 Eur every month for rent (that’s what school-affiliated landlords charge).

7. The weather is warm enough.

8. Apparently, there are more job opportunities here. I’m still looking for them though :/

9. New: There’s a street market that holds every Thursday, right in front of my house. Sort of like the summer market in Kauppatori in Turku, or the marche on Cours Mirabeau in Aix. Actually, not ‘sort of’, it’s exactly the same thing.

10. New: I’ve found cider. Opened the 1st bottle 2 days ago. Tastes like Magners. Ugh. There’s this nice looking one called ‘caribbean rum’, with coconut and pineapple. 5%. Packaging looks nice, I shall try it and update as appropriate.


1. I just found out I have to share the balcony with one more person.

2. I’m sharing a bathroom and toilet with 4 people. And I have already seen skid marks in the toilet. Way too early guys, waaayyy too early.

3a. My room is the tiniest room I’ve ever seen. It’s literally the size of my pantry back in Nigeria.

3b. Because of this, my bed is a double decker. Only, instead of having another bed under, there’s a reading table, and a dresser shelf above that. Try to picture that, I’ll wait….

4. The kitchen sink is the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen. Even the precolonial houses in Enugu boast better sinks. Haba.

5. The air feels stale.

6. My closet is positioned funny. Behind the bed. The bed is fastened to the wall. So I have to wriggle, to get to the things in the closet. Sigh. There’s no mirror in my room too.

7. I haven’t found cider yet, only been seeing beer and wine 😦

8. Contrary to what I was told, my internet is quite shitty. Ugh.

9. New: I had forgotten all about household pests till I got here. No, there aren’t cockroaches or rodents (yet?), but I have seen creepy crawly things everyday since I got here.

10. New: It rained throughout yesterday, and my ‘landlord’ sent me a message to, among other things, inform me that this is normal weather in NL. Is there any point owning a bicycle then? I mean, how can I be riding a bicycle under pouring rain?

11. New: I can’t use my Visa card in most stores, so until I open a bank account and get my debit card, I’m stuck with cash payments. Way to go, NL.

I’m still hoping I enjoy this place.


One thought on “Netherlands

  1. Arrggghhh. how are you supposed to share the balcony? From the webcam, i thought it opens from your room. I will pack enough mojitos and thank heavens you is a size zero. An addition to your shopping basket raid, baygon est. Am still positive there are grand experiences awaiting you. Finland misses you. I miss you.

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