My Carefree Days with Summer are History

Classes start tomorrow. After 4 glorious months of summer break, it’s time for school to begin again. I’m trying not to be sad. I’m trying instead, to savor the memories I made during this period. Shout out to Mims, she’s responsible for A LOT of those memories. My 2 Finnish friends, my Czech friend, a couple of classmates: these people attempted to help me be more social, have fun, and they’re partly responsible for making me think Finnish summers are awesome. Thanks guys.
I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this already, but I’m grateful I didn’t get a job this summer. Why? Because I think this is the last time (for at least the next 5 years) that I would have an entire 4 months to faff about, being responsible for only myself, not really answering to anyone, and being able to regulate my interaction with people in general. Sigh.
Note: I didn’t exactly spend the entire summer faffing about – I learned to code, discovered new music, I learned to speak Dutch, I watched TED talks, and I made myself do 3 of those 4 things every single day. I know there’s some controversy surrounding TED talks, but the new things I heard about made me go and research more, so I can say I know a little bit more about a lot of things. How this knowledge is useful, I don’t know yet. Oh I read books too. Guys, reading books when there are so many interesting things on the internet, is hard. For me.
Which brings me to this sub topic: Rise of the Gadgets.
A couple of weeks ago, applications and processes on my phone started crashing out of the blue. I’d just be on whatsapp or some other thing, next thing I’d see “unfortunately, whatsapp has stopped”, and then as time went on, multiple apps would crash at once, then last week, it became something like “unfortunately, has stopped”, along with all other apps crashing. And this time, restarting the phone wasn’t working. So I had to reset, and before you do such, you should backup. I tried, but it could only backup media related stuff, not my contacts and messages. Long story short, I lost all the contacts I got between February and now. Moving on…
A couple of days ago, the wireless icon on my laptop started acting funny, trying to make me think my connection was poor. But it wasn’t, so I ignored it. However, it continued, and then on Friday, the laptop just froze, and I had to do a forced shutdown. That’s when my real troubles began. Suffice to say that my HDD has crashed, and seeing as I’m supposed to be a pro at such things, I have tried every trick I know, but nope. Gotta replace it. Called a repair shop and the guy told me it would cost €100, and then I told him about my screen problems and he said it would cost an additional €100, but that in that case I might want to consider buying a new laptop. This laptop is just 1 year old. LoL. Oh and I’m not a careless person at all, not by any stretch of the imagination can anyone call me careless (I think). So we can rule that out.
My phone is also 1 year old.
So, phone and laptop need replacement. I also need a new tablet (because if I had a proper tablet, I wouldn’t be so worried about failing laptops or even phones. But all I have right now is a Nook). Since my laptop is indisposed right now, all I can do is migrate to my couch to read, tweet, and rediscover the joys of watching tv. Dutch tv. Speaking of which, Rabobank uses Hans Zimmer music in their ads. Nice.
All that aside, I’m grateful for all the interesting bits of this summer break, and I’m sad to see it end.
P.S. In the spirit of acquiring life skills, I bought a bicycle, and I’m learning to ride it. I’m surprised to say I’m making progress. Next up: Learn to swim properly.
Cheers to summer, mojitos, shorts and mini skirts, you will be missed. See you next year.
Cheers to the new semester too, please be more fun than all my other semesters combined. Please.


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