University: The Opening of the Academic Year

Last night, my friend sent me a link to an event. The event? The opening of the academic year. She asked if I was interested, so I looked through the program. They said “…it’s a dignified event….” yeah, they lost me at ‘dignified’. However, reading on, they mentioned a DJ, and I thought “mm, I could go.”
Meanwhile, my classes started last week. Why is the official academic year just beginning?
Fast forward to this afternoon, on my way out of class, I saw a group of formally dressed people and remembered this event. Oh, that’s what they meant by ‘dignified’? I’m wearing plimsolls, a tank top and a leather jacket. I look like a high school child. However, I dragged my friend along and we chose seats near the back so we could leave if we wanted to. Few minutes after taking our seats, someone asked us to rise. I thought I was about to hear the Dutch national anthem or something, but no. It was members of faculty filing in, decked in academic garb (I thought they only wear those on matriculation and convocation ceremonies.) Well, I still nursed hopes of leaving as soon as possible, only for them to start drawing the curtains closed. Darn.
Long story short, I’m stuck here, looking out of place. I’m hungry too. Aaand the program is in Dutch. Am I not finished? To be fair, they did write below the ‘ad’, that the program is in Dutch, but I obviously didn’t remember that when I was walking in. Seriously though, why write something in English when you know you’re gonna be speaking a different language during the program? To what end?
There needs to be a break asap, so I can go home and eat grilled plantains and peppery sauce.
In the meantime, I will try to understand what is being said. I hope I still remember all the Dutch I learned in summer. Speaking of summer, *tears* the days are getting colder 😦


One thought on “University: The Opening of the Academic Year

  1. oh dear, i so don’t envy you. Wardrobe malfunction, hunger. Yer, the hunger hope your tummy ain’t doing cartwheels. I’d just get up, draw the curtain and squeeze out. Nobody will even remember you were there, leave alone left. Miss the summer, miss you.

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