Fall Break

I joined an association at school, and signed up to become a committee member. I like it, really…because I never did anything of the sort in my undergrad days, as there were no interesting committees for me to join, and even if there were, well, they were bound by the ‘rules’ of the school. Don’t bother trying to figure what that means, you’ll hurt yourself. Moving on…so I joined a committee, and they’ve been organizing fun activities. Pub quiz one night, guest lectures from companies another day, all-you-can-eat tapas the next. Nice. (I have to attend meetings and actually do some work, of course, but that’s not the focus right now 😀 )

A couple of weeks ago, I applied for a UK visa, and I was hoping it would be ready before the 9th, because I mean, my visa to the Netherlands took less than 1 week to be processed (even though, like the UK, they said it would take 15 days). I had planned to travel on the 9th because I have a Fall break between then and the 20th. However, as things were not looking bright by Wednesday, a couple of my friends invited me to go to Berlin with them, on a road trip. I was pleased (because road trips don’t necessarily require a passport, like plane trips do) and said sure, assume I’m going, but I’ll let you know for sure on Friday. Friday, I let them know that well, my passport hadn’t been returned to me, i.e. no UK trip, i.e. I’m going with them to Berlin. Then they went “err….we sorta asked other people if they wanted to join, and they said yes, but we’re still contemplating the trip itself. We’ll let you know by tomorrow, okay?” …or something along those lines. Long and short, my ‘space’ in the car has probably been filled, my passport is probably being used as a coffee placemat on someone’s desk in the UK immigration service, and I’ve got about 1 week of nada to do (well, I have school assignments of course, but that’s neither here nor there. pfffft). Fun times ahead 🙂

In other news, I did mention how I was transitioning, yeah? Well, that’s not working out very well anymore. I don’t know if my hair suddenly became pissed at me, or whether it’s the water (because a friend also has the same issues), but for the past couple of weeks, I have literally wanted to weep each time I washed my hair. Why? because the hair just clumps and tangles at the demarcation line (between the relaxed hair and the new growth), and no matter how much I tease with conditioner and a comb, it always falls out. I really think it’s a miracle I’ve still got some relaxed ends left, at least enough to make a sensible bun. But yesterday was the height, so I’m tired. Now, I’m either going to cut the hair this week, or next. I’m going to walk into a salon and ask if they know how to handle African hair, and if they don’t, well, I’ll tell them to go learn and call me when they feel ready. Before I cut it though, I need to figure out what style to cut it in. My options are very limited because I don’t look like <insert pretty woman of choice> by any standards, I have a long face (some say oval, but the jury’s still out on that one), and a high forehead. I also don’t use makeup as such, so I can’t go all Amber Rose and then come confuse you all with red lipstick and perhaps dramatic eyebrows. Nah. Oh and my new growth is still really short, about 2.75″ when stretched. That’s not good enough, I had planned to wait till December, because then I’d have 3-4″ for sure, but now… 😦 I really don’t think I can deal with the stares and questions that will follow this haircut. I only just started having a social life here, and this bloody hair wants to…I don’t know. I need someone to hold my hand 😦

The sun is shining though, that’s one thing to be thankful for. The circus is in town today, I’m gonna attend. “What did you do over the break?” “I drank cocktails at home, got a haircut and went to the circus”. Yes, that should be interesting.

PS: If anyone has suggestions on hairstyles for kinky-curly, 3″ hair, please leave a comment.


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