Long Post: Circus, Amsterdam 1

I went to the circus as I said I would, but on Wednesday, rather than last Saturday. I got 50% off coupons for them, but I had to go to some place I didn’t know called Heyhoef in order to redeem {is ‘redeem’ the right word here?} them. I wish they’d attached codes to the coupons so we could just use the coupons online, but no. If you want 50% off, you have to go somewhere – and if you want the comfort of buying tickets online, then you gotta pay full price. Sigh. Anyway, so I went, I set off early, but seeing as I have zero sense of direction, I got lost. As usual. I mean, what does Google Maps mean by ‘head southwest’? Who determines what ‘southwest’ is simply by looking around? I didn’t have realtime GPS because I didn’t pay for an internet plan from my phone service provider, so I just took screenshots of the directions before I left home. So after a couple of directions (bless those kind people), I was still lost and about to turn around and head home, when I spotted it. Well, not the circus itself, but the hotel after which the circus venue was named. I walked into the lobby and asked for directions, and then I finally managed to get there. 30 minutes late. It was worth it though, the entire thing had me giggling and clapping like a kid. How do they get animals to do all those wonderful things? There were cows putting up an impressive performance (while pooping with reckless abandon, by the way), ponies bopping along to music, poodles, etc. I would put up pictures but they’re too dark. Oh wait…there’s one I need to show you.

2013-10-16 20.45.28 2013-10-16 20.46.34

So in the first picture, there’s a guy lying on some sort of cushion, the way you’d lie on a couch. His legs are sorta extended, like an upside down crab, or like a person ‘squatting’ upside down. Now, on his feet, a ladder is balanced, and his partner (some poor lady) has to climb it to the top. She did the climb 3 times, but the 2nd was amazing. Take a look at the second picture. When she got to the top, she did a headstand. A headstand. On a suspended ladder. She was obviously very scared, and her smile was just bare teeth. At least she tried to smile. I hope she gets paid well though.

Last week, I saw a vacancy for workers at a new cafe, and I applied. I’d just been wondering about bartenders who know how to balance so many drinks on a tray without spilling (even while moving through a crowd), and I always wanted to try, so I applied. I went for an interview and I thought it went well, but sadly, I didn’t get the job because the owner wanted people who have waitressing/bartending experience. Ah well… I better stick to IT jobs then 😦

My friend and I planned to go see Amsterdam yesterday, but then she told me on Wednesday that a couple of people were going on Friday, so we should join them, and that we were going to meet at the train station at 10:05 am. I was there 15 minutes early, but ended up waiting about an hour, and no one apologized. Strike one. This ‘couple of people’ turned out to be about 8 in number. Guys, I hate to generalize here but if you like being organized, then as much as possible, don’t attempt to plan anything casual with a combination of Greeks and Italians. Or at least those particular people from yesterday. Else, I guarantee you will not be in possession of your sanity by the end of the day. I chose to go along with them though, so it’s my fault. Suffice to say that we got to Amsterdam at 14:00, rather than 12:00. Cool. Well, my friend (who is Bengali) and I had gotten tired of them by the time we got to Amsterdam, so we left them (not on purpose, we said we were going to get maps from across the road, and by the time we got back they had disappeared). We took a 1 hour tour of the canals, then we went to have lunch. Shittiest food I ever tasted. I’m Nigerian, and in Nigeria, we have these restaurants called ‘buka’s. These restaurants hardly ever look nice, customer service is either a hit or miss depending on where you go…but the food is usually good, and reasonably priced. We had checked Lonely Planet for restaurant recommendations and gotten one, but we couldn’t find it so we decided to just walk around. And we didn’t wanna eat Chinese or McDonald’s. This place was dirty, and looked dodgy, but as I said, I’m Nigerian so I thought the food was going to be good. I was going to pick spaghetti bolognese, but I thought “no, I’ve got spaghetti and minced meat in my fridge, let me pick something I haven’t had before”. So I picked chicken and sauce. My chicken and sauce came with spoiling vegetables and bread, and tasted like shit. Not like I’ve tasted actual shit before, but I imagine that’s what shit tastes like. The picture on the menu had chicken on sticks, a la kebab. This one was in cubes, a la chicken soup. I started looking at the menu to find the name of the restaurant, but all I could see was ‘Bon Appetit’. I gave up after about 4/5 bites, paid and waited for my friend to finish her crepes, and we left. Looked up at the sign outside and apparently the name of the ‘restaurant’ was actually ‘Bon Appetit’. Oh and customer service was quite crappy. I mean my food was dropped on my table as if I killed the server’s mother. Never ever again. Serves me right though, I should have checked well. I’m sha done trying new food(s) without recommendation, because bad things usually follow that move. Well, to anyone who wants to visit Amsterdam and may not have a map, please walk around, you will find something better. Worst case scenario, order a meat dish in a Chinese restaurant, or just go to good old McDonald’s/Subway.

To be continued…


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