Updates on all sorts of things II

Sorry about the delay. Back to the ferry.

I kept feeling sick and trying to concentrate on my book, but that wasn’t helping much. Then thankfully, the person on the couch nearest to me woke up and left, so I moved over and stretched out my full body length on it, and slept. Why did I lie down? Because when my tummy is in distress, lying down usually makes it better, and I figured if my body was in the same horizontal position as the ship, my body would be better aligned with all the movement and the nausea would stop or be reduced, kinda like a hammock, eh? You don’t get sick from lying and swinging in a hammock, do you? Anyhow, it worked. I felt better, and slept off for the remainder of the trip.

The rest of our journey from Dover to London was a bit uneventful, however, because our driver stopped to help another one fill up his tank, we arrived London late and I missed my bus to Leeds. Whelp. I had bought a ticket for London-Leeds online and thought I might have to pay for another ticket (and I had, infact, budgeted for this), but since the bus company was sort of aligned with the bus company that brought me from the Netherlands, they let me use my original ticket. Yay me. The journey from London to Leeds was only 4 hours, but excruciating. Imagine travelling through the night, and then having to travel for another 4 hours. I was tired. And pressed. And the toilet on the bus wasn’t working. Sigh.

We got to Leeds as scheduled, and then it was raining. Of course. I pulled out my phone to find out where the boyfriend was, only to find that the darned thing had died. Let’s talk about my phone for a bit.

I got this phone, a Sony Xperia U, in September last year. I did a bit of research before buying, of course, and it wasn’t the best by any stretch of the imagination, but it could meet my needs and was within budget, or so I thought. Guys, if you need a phone to help you do a lot of things and run more than 2 or 3 applications at the same time, don’t buy a budget smartphone. Save up and buy something nice, okay? I learned the hard way. I have had to reset this phone twice since I got it – and by ‘reset’ I mean wipe off everything and start over, because it keeps inventing new ways to misbehave. These days, there’s a problem with the WiFi firmware. It can’t connect automatically to a new network, so when I move from my house to school (which is quite a distance), it still shows that I’m connected to my home WiFi. And what’s more, the phone keeps trying desperately to connect to my home network, it runs down the battery if I don’t turn it off and on again (so it can connect to the school network). In school, I connect, and then the thing disconnects after about 45 minutes and I have to turn off/on again. What foolishness. Yes, I know there may exist solutions online, but I’m tired, really. Everyday it’s just one new problem after the other. I’m going to buy a Nexus 5, as soon as I can. And then proceed to fling this phone into oblivion. Ahn ahn. Even my blackberry didn’t do me like that.

So, based on the story I told above, my phone was still acting like it was connected to the network in Eindhoven, while I was already across the pond. So it drained and died. And I couldn’t call the boyfriend. I didn’t have any Pounds on me either, because I didn’t see the need for it (seeing as I had bought my tickets and everything I’d need online). Because of this, I couldn’t use a payphone, or charge my phone at a charging booth. Womp. Anyway, I decided to go around to the waiting area and see if I’d find him, or if I could beg someone to use their phone charger, and then I saw him, looking pissed. Apparently he had been sending messages and trying to call me, and getting voicemail. And all the while, I was asleep on the bus, and then the phone died. LOL. Well of course he started trying to keep himself from grinning when he saw me. Haha.

What did I do in Leeds? School is a female dog, really. We were both so engrossed in school work, we didn’t have time to do much else. Well, I made awesome coconut rice, and watched fireworks on (remember remember,) the 5th of November, and went to Primark (I just had to see this famous Primark. Meh). The rest of the time, we survived on chicken and chips and cereal and bread. Ah well, I didn’t really mind, because I wasn’t too keen on going out in that dreary weather, but I might have liked to see a movie (on a laptop) if there was time. There wasn’t. Oh but he helped me cut off the rest of my relaxed/straight ends. So there. Now I look like a boy who has to paint nails and wear makeup and stuff. Just kidding, I am not wearing any makeup other than kohl and Labello lip balm, because I have no clue how (or time) to engage in the sorcery that produces this:



Nor do I have any interest, that looks like it takes way too much time to achieve. Oh but I’m supposed to attend a gala in a few days, perhaps I should learn how to do this so I can dazzle everyone -_-

Let me just add here, that even with ALLLL my research, I have still had to learn, one mistake at a time, how to handle my hair for effective results. Sigh.

Alright, I’m still drowning in school work, I just took a quick break to come write this. I’ll be back later.

Toodles! x


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