My Christmas

I’m in the UK on holiday. How’s that going? For starters, I should say I’m very glad my flight wasn’t delayed because of the storms the UK has been experiencing. Then I’ve been fighting a war between being lazy and wanting to try my hand at making new food. Note that ‘new food’ does not include anything fancy, like those exotic salads. I did entertain the thought briefly, but laziness won. By ‘new food’, I mean things I’m sure everyone else knows how to make, which I’ve never tried, like meat pies. Or Egusi soup.
On Christmas day, I went to church. That was really nice, it reminded me of my church in France. It wasn’t as traditional as I expected, but most churches are evolving anyway, and perhaps traditional behavior is now reserved for churches like The Eliza’s Queen’s. Got bad news about a job a couple of days ago. Ugh. I really need a break on that front. Went shopping on Boxing Day, but mostly for the boyfriend. Not much for me, because, low-cost airline baggage restrictions. Oh and a bit of ‘brokeness’ too (remember I went to Berlin last week? That cost money, not tree leaves).
The weather has been really good in my part of the UK, I must say. I mean, UK weather is supposedly always horrible, especially in winter, and I heard/read this winter has been predicted to be the worst in…was it 100 years? Maybe that sort of bad weather behavior will begin in January/February. Oh and in the news this morning, there were reports of a fire on a ferry on its way to Amsterdam, from somewhere in the UK. Tyne, I think it was. They were just 30 miles off the coast though, and they managed to get back to safety on land. However, I’m just remembering all the times I’ve been on ferries this year…what if… Hmm.
My face has been reacting to something, and unfortunately I can’t remedy it till I get home, I think. Maybe I’ll put some milk on it to soothe it in the mean time. (Oh look at me, washing in milk like royalty. LOL.) Well, right now I’m sprawled in front of the TV, nursing an upset stomach and watching Titanic for the first time ever. I’ve just seen the part where the ship hit the iceberg. Oh dear.


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