Updates – January

I’ve been away for far too long, and it’s for a variety of mostly intangible reasons. But I will try to outline what happened while I was away.

I got back from the UK at the beginning of January, and then I had an interview at a potential company for my internship. Thing is, I had had a series of disappointments regarding this internship thing. First, I got to the last assessment stage of a company (which I wasn’t too keen on working at), then I got a call saying I didn’t get in. Then someone recommended me for a position at a company I was (and still am) quite keen on. Instead of practising for the aptitude test, I was playing about (this was during the Christmas holidays). To be honest, the fact that my laptop was half dead didn’t help things either. Long story short, I missed the cut off for the math part by one mark. So painful. So that was that. I started applying again, and then I got an email from another company high up on my list of companies I’d like to work for. The email was to ask if I was applying for a job or internship. I thought “duh, I already said in the cover letter that I was applying for an internship, and I even included the internship topic”, but I responded with something along the lines of “I applied for an internship, but I wouldn’t mind a job”. Well, I got invited to write an aptitude test (harder than any of the previous I’d written – and I had to go to the library to write the test because I didn’t trust my laptop to not act up), passed, got invited to an interview, passed it, and that’s where things plateaued a bit. They can’t hire me for a full time job until I graduate (probably has to do with Dutch laws), so I should call them after my graduation in July/August. Well, I’m grateful for this.

In January though, things were a bit tough and disappointing. I was broke, my lease was expiring, and I had no sure internship. But everything worked out, one by one. First, one of my flatmates moved out and offered me her room. The problem with that was I only needed the room for 2 weeks in February, but at the time I agreed, I didn’t know that. Hence, I had to pay a deposit and sign a contract with the landlord for one year, for that room. Before I moved out though, I found a tenant to take over the house. Next on my agenda is to get a more permanent tenant (this one is only staying till June) to take the contract off my hands, because the landlord said I could ‘break’ the contract after 3 months. On the money front, I was still broke, but somehow managed to pay my bills, and not starve. I was fine, really. Just a bit sad. I have to acknowledge I got a bit of help at some point, so that was a relief. I also got bits of good news here and there, for example: Remember the interview I said I had at the beginning of January? Well, that one worked out well as I’d hoped it would. Why? Because they offer free accommodation, and while my stipend is quite sufficient, because of the amount, I don’t have to pay tax. Free accommodation (in a hotel, no less) and tax free income? Yay. 

I really don’t remember what I used to do to pass time. I know I signed up on Duolingo and took French lessons (on my phone, laptop was still a pain), submitted my thesis proposal, had drinks with friends (quite interesting considering my supposedly broke state, yes? Well, drinks in the Netherlands are quite cheap, and if you nurse one all night, you’ll be fine), visited people, watched TED talks, fantasized about winning a Macbook Air (entered a Book Depository contest. Didn’t win, sadly), researched Chromebooks and other mundane stuff, slept quite a bit, read books, etc. 


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