Update – February

I moved to my new city in the middle of February. Before I moved, not much happened: I showed the house to a prospective tenant, met with my thesis supervisor (who is super nice), bought dumbbells (time to get this body ready for summer), exchanged emails with a set of fitness consultants (this actually happened in January), started exercising (it’s time to get this body ready for summer). The day before I moved, I met with my supervisor and bought a bunch of novels to keep me company in my new city, then attended a TED talk at my university. I also had to make a few calls to car rental companies, because I had no plans of taking the train to my new city. Why? Because somehow, I had managed to accumulate 5 suitcases worth of stuff. I gave out one full suitcase of stuff, but it still wasn’t enough.

The day I was moving, a couple of friends came to pick me after renting a car. One of them had to bring over his huge, empty suitcase for me to pack my leftover stuff that couldn’t fit into anywhere. Sigh. Anyway, the journey took 1.5 hours. That’s another reason it would have been annoying for me to go by train: Going by train requires multiple platform changes and it takes 3 hours. First, we had to go drop off one suitcase at the charity/thrift shop, then we took off. Did I mention that the organization I’m interning with is giving me free accommodation at a hotel? Well we got to the hotel, I paid €45 deposit for the keys (good thing I had that amount in my bag, else I’d have had to go look for an ATM), then got a luggage trolley to take all my stuff up the stairs. One of my friends actually took a picture of all my luggage and posted on my Facebook wall 😦

Went out for lunch afterwards, with my friends. Then we took a walk along the waterside and took a few pictures, after which they dropped me off at my hotel and went home. Now I had to unpack by myself. I love to travel. I like having nice stuff. But I hate packing and unpacking. Gah. Now it was time for me to unpack though, and so I began to tackle it…for about 4 hours. I was actually taking little breaks here and there. I love my new room though, and I finally have my own toilet again – and it’s a normal WC!!*

My first 2 weeks at work have been pretty uneventful, I had to go round and meet everyone in my department, I got a safety training, started writing my literature review, etc. Nothing very interesting. I must say though, that before Friday, I had been a bit confused as to what exactly this company wants from me. But then I spoke with my boss on Friday (he’s been away since I arrived), and now I have a sense of direction, so my faffing days are over. I’ve also been fortunate to join a car pool that costs me just €8/month, as opposed to taking the bus and spending about €66/month on transport. So that’s very nice. I also have nice coworkers who invite me to go to lunch with them, and who kept checking on me during my first week, “just to make sure you’re okay”.

I think that’s about it. Oh I live with 17 other interns on my floor, and we share a kitchen. But guess what, the kitchen is always clean. Everyone always cleans up. Quite a sharp contrast to some places I’ve been. My life has become pretty much routine: Wake up, pray, work out, breakfast, go to work, lunch, come back, head straight to the fridge for juice, dinner soon after that, get a nightcap (hot chocolate and biscuits) at 20:30 sleep between 22:00-23:00. My body has even adjusted such that I start feeling hungry at 7:00, 12:00, and sleepy at 22:00. Interesting. I need to figure out a way to be productive at work though, because I feel so lethargic in the mornings. Maybe it has a little something to do with the weather. Speaking of the weather, it’s quite windy around these parts. I need summer to show up ASAP.

Meanwhile, countdown to Game of Thrones Season 4. Whoop!

*I wrote this post some time last year, talking about Dutch WCs.


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