Overdue: June

There’s no point apologizing for not writing, because I’m pretty sure no one but me reads anything I write, and because I always make up for missed posts. But it is good to be consistent, if only in apologizing, rather than in writing. Therefore, I’m sorry.

I’m going to talk about what happened to me in June, and then July, and where I am now.

June saw me having to defend my thesis and write an exam. My supervisors at my internship company were kind enough to organize a mock defence session for me the day before, and that helped me fine tune a bit. The ‘real’ defence went well, except for something I included in my presentation which I hadn’t quite discussed in-depth in my thesis. One of the ‘judges’ called me out on that and then down went my marks, but said marks were still decent. After my defence, I started preparing almost immediately, for an exam I was supposed to write the next week – which required me to read about 300+ pages. I’m not going to lie, I did a lot of ‘speed reading’ while praying that one or two things would stick. Oh and, the exam was an essay-type, and you had to answer all questions – as opposed to a, say, 6 questions, answer 4 type of exam. Anyhow, I’m not going to describe how much it sucked, because everyone has written exams before, and should know how much it sucks to prepare. The exam was supposed to be at 8:00 a.m. though, and because I live 3 hours away, it was impossible to make it by public transport. So I created an AirBnB account, and tried to chat with someone who had a cheap room. In chatting with the person, I discovered that she had accepted the booking of someone else who planned to stay the entire week, and then she told me I could sleep on her couch – but then we had to make the rest of the arrangements outside AirBnB. That was not a problem for me, seeing as it was just for one night and she assured me I wouldn’t be disturbed. It’s just, given what I now know about AirBnB bookings, she deserves a bit of a side eye. She was quite nice though.

I’m happy to note that I passed that exam afterall, because I thought it was hard, and afterwards, I started counting how many credits I had. I need 120 to graduate, and I had 124 – so I asked my program coordinator if I could graduate even if I failed this exam. Nope. Panic. Well, I passed. Yay.

As it turned out, I got a couple of interviews in a sub-organization of the company where I interned, but those didn’t quite pan out, and then I just sort of moved on mentally from the company, such that during my last days there, I wasn’t even trying* anymore. I was more concerned with karaoke and parties by night, and with job applications to other companies by day.

I did say that I was going to be doing something about ‘favorite things’. I haven’t really been committed to anything lately, least of all *that*, but my  favorite thing today is the pack of scones I got from Marks and Spencer. I’m eating one as I speak – that’s why it’s my favorite thing.

M&S scones II


Well, thank you for reading, à demain!

*To get a job there.


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