Crimes & Misdemeanors: Not a recap

I don’t recall what prompted this, perhaps it was something I saw on TV but yesterday I found myself attempting to binge-watch Woody Allen’s best movies. The first one I saw (which I was aware was a Woody Allen movie) was Blue Jasmine, about 1 year ago, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Being [that Blue Jasmine was] such a successful introduction to WA’s movies and knowing that he’s a critically acclaimed film maker, I thought binging on his other movies might be a fun way to spend the weekend.

I haven’t forgotten the article(s?) I read about his history of sexual assault, and the fact that I’m still wanting to view his work means I have accepted that it is possible to be utterly disgusted by a human being but also enjoy his work. I think though, that for me, this is only possible if the person is as far removed from me as possible. So if WA was related to me, or even a friend of a friend, then I don’t think I’d be able to.

Yesterday, I kicked off my WA-movie-binge-watching with Crimes & Misdemeanors, and I watched it in bits, each time I took a break from work. I’ve been very busy, you guys, and I’m happy because the busyness is in User Experience design which I really need lots of experience in so I’m grateful for whatever I get. Oh, I don’t know if I mentioned but I have another blog now, in which I talk about UX – related stuff. It’s hosted on Ghost (which I like) but I might move it to Medium (because Medium is free).

So, Crimes and Misdemeanors, which I finished today (Friday): It’s mostly about some (65-ish year-old) dude who’s cheating on his wife with a former(?) air hostess who he met on a flight, blah blah. He’s broken things off with the mistress – actually, no, the mistress has finally realized he was selling her dreams that were never going to come true – and now she’s trying to call and write his wife to inform [his wife] that “your husband is a liar and a cheat”. The man desperately tries to prevent her from doing so, while realizing that he’s fucked up and could lose everything. In the end, he has her killed but gets really squeamish, feels guilty and acts out, but then nothing happens to him, i.e. the murder isn’t traced back to him and he feels like this shouldn’t be happening, he should be punished somehow. But, the crisis has lifted, he’s no longer in danger of losing everything, and in time he becomes his normal self again.

I enjoyed the movie, because the story and cinematography were good, but also because it reminded me of how fucked up life is: you could do all the things you’re ‘supposed to’, and things would still turn out badly. What do you do then? In the same vein, you could literally be the scum of the earth and find that your luck seems never ending. What to do when you’re doing all the right things but it seems the rug is pulled from under your feet every time, and at the same time you can see scum thriving? I can’t answer that because I’m not a life coach, but my options would be to try and find my happy place, keep trying (working smarter, improving, whatever), and keep the poem referenced here in mind.

I think I’ll watch Hannah and friends (or sisters?) next. Cheers to the freaking weekend!


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