Sept 2012

So I’m in France for the first part of my MSc. Why France? Well, my mother was, in her graciousness, looking for a good school for her child to attend for masters. Why she didn’t check schools in the UK, I don’t know, I haven’t thought to ask. Anyway, she said Finland has the best educational system in the world, and she found a program at a certain school, which she felt would suit me. I checked it out, and checked others too…and that’s how I stumbled on my present program. The long and short of it is that I’m supposed to run my masters program in 3 different schools, in 3 different countries. If you’re familiar with the Erasmus Mundus Program(s) you wouldn’t look so confused.

Anyway, so my 1st port of call is France. My lectures are in English, but I’m supposed to attend French classes, which I have missed because I did not get my visa early enough. Oh well…

Jan 2013

Update: Now I have moved to Finland, near the North Pole. Hello ice and -20 degree temperatures, hello Rudolph and Santa Claus. You do realize that the home of Santa Claus is in Lapland, Finland, yeah?

Aug 2013

Update: I’ve moved to the Netherlands – home of milk, weird toilets and communal bathrooms/toilets. I’m just here cringing.

Jul 2015

Update: I graduated last year, and now I’ve moved back to Nigeria, I’ve decided to be a UX Designer and I’m trying to be awesome at it and survive in this country.


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