Tidbits while I write my thesis II (Or: Mini quarterlife crisis, if there’s such a thing)

5. I went to the UK about 1 month ago. My visa was about to expire and I thought to use it one more time, so I booked 2 tickets on 2 different airlines: Ryanair to go, Jets2 to come back. People, I missed my Ryanair flight by 1 second. It was a morning flight, and there were so many people on the queue. I asked to be moved forward but they told me “don’t worry, the plane won’t leave without you”. Well, it did. And then, just as they were closing the gate, I ran up screaming – okay, well, whispering – “nononono!!!” and they just said “sorry, can’t let you through, you have to go back to the service desk. Sigh. Off to the service desk I went, where they told me (a bit too cheerfully) that I’d have to be put on the next flight (21:20), and I’d have to pay an extra 110Eur. Aha, so that’s why they were so cheerful. LOL. Screw you. I went and sat down, took out my computer and booked a flight on British Airways. But then I had to fly to the train station and get to Rotterdam (as I was in Eindhoven) airport. Luckily for me, BA was flying straight into London City, so that was just perfect. Well, I got to London safe and sound, then began the arduous journey to Leeds (someone should look into making daily small-plane services a thing. Like between London and Leeds. I’d pay 50 Pounds if you could get me there in 10-30 minutes instead of 4.5 hours. Sheesh).

6. 9:47am, 25.04.2014: Mika’s ‘Grace Kelly’ is everything for me this morning. So much so that I want to do a cover (video) of it, set in the 60s, maybe a la TemiDoll’s ‘PataPata’.

7. I turn 25 in a couple of days, and I cannot even begin to describe how or what I feel, to be honest.

I’m writing my Masters thesis, and I shall be graduating this summer. I have 2 years of (semi?)professional experience, and about 21 years of schooling experience. For all of these years, I’ve always known what ‘the next step’ would be. Sometimes, there were crossroads, but there was always a next step, regardless. Now, I’m not quite sure what my next steps would or should be.

Also, I practically stopped living at home when I was 10. I went to boarding school, and my family lived far (like 6-700km) away, so I only saw them at vacations, or the odd visiting day when Father or Mother happened to be in town on business. When I started my first job, it was again, far (4-500km) from ‘home’, so I’ve pretty much been ‘independent’ and nomadic for the past 15 years. One might argue that my family and I have been in a long distance relationship, which I’m fine with. However, these days, I find myself thinking that maybe it’s time to settle somewhere. At the same time, I think I still have about 2 more cities/countries to ‘wild out’ in before I settle.

With the boyfriend, it’s been the same (long distance) thing. Of our ~5 years together, we’ve only ever lived in the same city for 1 year. Some people might read this and think “I could never do that!”, but </shrug> it’s my reality and it usually isn’t something I’m happy or sad about, it just is. my life. And I was happy when he moved to the UK because then it meant we were at least on the same continent.

Today, I’m sad. The boyfriend got a job with a very, very good company (and we’re so very happy about it, you cannot begin to imagine) and he has to move back to Nigeria next month. Because, we’re not going to say “no, please wait for me to enjoy summer, I’ll come afterwards”. Nay. (Not like he didn’t try though. They couldn’t wait. And he couldn’t very well say “well, go screw yourselves then”.) We did have plans for this summer though. Good plans.  Oh and, the way schedules are set up, it appears no one is going to be able to make it to my graduation. Well done, Life.

Now, I do have a vague idea what’s supposed to happen next for me, but then it very much depends on whether things ‘fall into place’, which I hope they do – and in the way that I want them to-. I’m speaking about getting a job, of course. My supervisors here have been pretty pleased about my work and they’re very interested in keeping me on, but it depends on if a vacancy opens up, as they do not have the power to manufacture a vacancy, etc. Fingers crossed then. I think what I’ve just described is my apprehension. Still on apprehension, I have to submit my thesis in 14 days and I’m only 70% ready. Cue panic.

In other interesting-but-slightly-panicky news, I tried to start a 3rd party logistics business (even paid for a logo and got a website and everything), but I couldn’t quite get it off the ground because I wasn’t able to figure out how to make it ‘affordable’ by my standards. Also, I started noticing last year, that a couple of (Nigerian) companies have such piss-poor customer service on social media. You tweet at them to complain about something (because their customer lines are ‘busy’), and they get a bot to respond to you. “Thank you for your comment/enquiry. Please call 1234 for help, or email xyz@abc.com”. It used to piss me off a lot, even when I wasn’t the one being mistreated. So I started ranting about and saying maybe I should start a social media management business, because I want to see how hard it is to treat your (online) customers well. As I said, I was only ranting. And then, a friend took me seriously and sent out a couple of texts, and *abracadabra* we started a business and now we have 3 clients. In 1 week. Well done, Life. We haven’t even gotten a website or logo. [Aside: Thankfully, it is a lot easier for me to figure how to keep this business affordable for clients 😀 ]

I have no plans for my birthday, I suppose I’m going to spend it reading Anne of Green Gables and/or The Perks of Being a Wallflower or something. There’s a barbecue thing tomorrow though, so I shall attend and afterwards, my Spanish friend will make us mojitos and spanish omelettes. Oh and she’s finally moving on Sunday. Too sad.

I want to learn to play the violin this summer. I’m accepting donations to buy one. [Shall I open a Kickstarter/Indiegogo project for you my dearest friends, to contribute?] 😀


Week 6

Monday, my 9 hour class got cancelled. Apparently the lecturer decided that he’s not a superhero after all, and so cannot teach for 9 hours.

Tuesday, I had a class in a conference room. Very comfy actually, and its really funny how I manage to keep awake during my lectures, seeing as they’re all 6 hours long. A sharp contrast to my undergraduate days, when I used to struggle to concentrate through 2-hour lectures. I’m becoming a useful member of society, I think…because this new development means I can sit through boring meetings – a prerequisite for executives – or not. Whoever is presiding over said meeting had better not be a boring individual, because I will excuse myself, go into the bathroom, and sleep. On the flip side, if I sleep for too long they might think I’ve had a heart attack or something, and they’ll come looking for me. And when they find that its sleep that I was sleeping, I will be fired for sure, on the grounds of ‘misconduct’. *sigh*

Wednesday, there’s this course I have, it’s a game actually – a business game. But it requires you and your group members to manage a virtual firm, and make decisions to increase profit. ‘Success’ at the end of the course means your share price has gone up, and that’s an A. Decisions are made quarterly, and for the purpose of this game, each ‘quarter’ is about 5 days or so. There are administrators, and when you make decisions, they compute the results of your decisions in relation to other ‘firms’ (i.e. teams, as there are over 20 teams playing this ‘game’), and then show you your results. You then go back and strategize, and make the decisions for the next quarter,  blah blah blah. You’re sha running a firm, sorry if you don’t understand all I’ve explained. I’m sleepy, and I don’t know how else to describe it. Well, the 1st decision had to be made at 18.00, so my team mates and I congregated in/at a bar to deliberate. Yes, a bar. I ordered chocolate at 1st, then Smirnoff Ice later (and one of my team mates said in his country, Smirnoff is for little 16 year old girls. I shall reserve my comments on that). Of course I thought the Smirnoff was cheap like the chocolate drink I ordered. Wrong, Smirnoff is 5€! Mscheeewwww. Anyway, we made the decision. And I think I discovered a beer I actually like. Strange. No, I did not buy, I tasted.

Thursday, my class got cancelled, apparently my lecturer was ill. Another wasted outfit, but then it meant, by extension, that the presentation we were supposed to make was cancelled, yay! I suppose I shouldn’t be so happy, seeing as we’re going to suffer for all these cancelled classes later on.

Friday, Integration of Cultures class. This fine lady started us off with a test, here are the questions: 1. Draw a map of the world. 2… I can’t remember the rest, but let’s just say I felt very ignorant at the end of the test. Here I was, feeling like a superstar in Geography, meanwhile I know nothing. Thank God it wasn’t a real test, she just wanted to use it to explain some things. Anyway, I came away from the class with a few links: this, this, and that. Enjoy. Oh and, you should probably use a computer to view those pages, not your phone.

I got my bank account sorted, now I can collect my refunds, yay!!! And the bank account comes pre-loaded with some money too 😀

I have an exam later this week, wish me well.