I moved back to Nigeria. And I think I’ve lost my writing mojo. This has little to do with the rest of this post.

In March, on the weekend RUJ(A) got married, my friends and I took a road trip to Luxembourg, and it was such fun (even though I was nursing a cold and was often tired), I wish I could have squeezed in one more like it before moving back to Nigeria.

One of us now has a car (yay!), and we rented another one because there were 10 of us in total. Because of some errors or whatever, we didn’t get the rental car we wanted, we got a shiny silver Mercedes C-class that looked like it belonged to a drug dealer. It was so shiny, people would stop and stare everywhere we went. We went from Amsterdam to Eindhoven to Weert to pick up other friends, stopped at Maastricht to grab lunch, and stopped again in Liege, Belgium to rest a bit because, like me, the owner of the car I went in also had the sniffles.

We got into Luxembourg around 17:00, and walked around the city for about 2 hours, just taking it in and marvelling where appropriate. I remember needing to pee but the toilet was locked because it was late or something, and one of us met a friend she hadn’t seen in so many years, while we were walking on some bridge. How nice. Anyway, that was that, and off we went, to our hotel in Metz, France. We had to sleep in France because hotels in Luxembourg are (or were?) too expensive for us, and anyway it was an excuse to explore a bit of France. We had dinner in a nice restaurant, and I used my mother’s card to pay for mine – after which she sent me the sms debit alert from her bank, probably wondering if indeed, her daughter was still out and about at 23:00. Yes mother, that was me. After dinner, we thought we’d wander about a bit, and we ended up in a bar/club space that made me remember Aix en Provence *sniff* but I couldn’t stay long as I was super tired, neither could my friend, the driver-who-also-had-a-cold, so we drove back to the hotel and I slept off.

In the morning, we went looking for breakfast in the city centre. We ended up in some place that appeared to be the town square, and had regular French breakfast fare, croissants and tea and all such things – and then we decided to explore the city and the quaint shops, churches, etc. We spent a bit of time walking along a river, during which I discovered that apparently, swans are (or can be) terrified of geese, if the geese honk loud enough. Some people were feeding stale bread to swans, and the geese spotted this from about 500m away and started honking and moving en masse to the food-sharing location. I thought there’d be a scuffle, but no. The swans moved away, waited for the geese to eat their fill and leave, and then returned. And here I was, thinking that the bigger you are, the more feeding priority you get.

From Metz, we drove to Trier, Germany, for lunch. I don’t remember what I had, but I remember struggling to choose between pasta and standard German food, and I think I chose schnitzel. We wandered around before lunch too, but we couldn’t do too much because this was 17:00 on Sunday and everyone had to be at work on Monday, and Amsterdam was 4 -6 hours away. I was tired but happy, and I remember getting home around 23:00 and tumbling into bed.

That was my weekend in Luxembourg. There are pictures, which might be uploaded later, but because I’m lazy, maybe not.

I’ve just written this post because it’s August 31, the unofficial end of summer, and even though I’m in Nigeria where (at least weather-wise,) summer never ends, I feel some type of way not having gone on any ‘interesting’ trips this period – so I thought I’d cheer myself up by writing about the time this year when I did go somewhere. I miss Amsterdam, and Finland, and France, and cheap, easy travel. This feeling was a tad amplified by this post, but well, like the writer, I had a nice alternative summer in which I did other things, too.

For people who had a proper summer break and are resuming school or work or anything else, welcome back, and good luck with the rest of the year!

À tout!


Updates on all sorts of things 1

Visa: I finally got that, yay!!! Still on the issue, my friends didn’t go to Berlin after all, but I would have appreciated it if they let me know either way. Oh well…

Hair: It got to a point where washing my hair was a source of dread. Like, the washing isn’t the problem, it’s the detangling that was a female dog. So I went to a salon and asked them to cut it off. No, I didn’t just waltz into a salon without preparation; I had to research what styles would suit my face (as I have a high, round forehead and all). What style did I come up with? Nothing. Zilch. So well, I went into the salon and asked the stylist what she thought would suit me. When I said I wanted to cut off all the straight ends, she went “really? are you sure?”, so I faltered and asked what she recommended. She said she’d do something along the lines of Emeli Sande’s hairstyle, i.e make the sides and back short, leave the top/middle straight. That was a wise choice because it gave me time to adjust to having short hair, without all the shock. Did I feel sad as my hair was being cut? Nope. It was so damaged (don’t worry, I hid this fact very well with my awesome 24/7 bun), all I felt was “eww, get this filth off me” as the locks fell onto my body. I still freaked out a bit when I got home though, but here’s a shout out to the stylist (who didn’t quite know how to handle African hair), she was such a trooper. So, I had the hybrid hair for 2 weeks, then I travelled to the UK. Finally got to see the boo, yesssss!!! Let’s talk about the UK for a bit, shall we? But before that, job applications/interviews

Applications/Interviews: I don’t know if there’s anyone alive who likes to apply for jobs. Personally, the only part I detest is crafting a suitable cover letter. Sheesh. I’m not going to say more on that, but anyway, this is my last semester of coursework, and I have to do an internship for the 1st 6 months of next year, so I’ve been dutifully handing in applications and all. Oh I also don’t like the aptitude tests. Why? Some of us are smart, but we don’t test well. That sounds like a lot of bull even to me, but it is what it is. However, I have passed the tests I’ve written so far, so yay. Thank God. I’ve also had one interview, with another coming up, so it’s looking good. It’s just, I feel like I should apply for more jobs, like I’m not doing enough to increase my chances. Some of my mates have sent out about 10-20 applications, and me…well…  -_-

UK: So I decided to put my visa to good use and go visit the boyfriend. Hmm. Because I decided to travel the week after I got my visa, I couldn’t take advantage of those cheap pay-2-weeks-in-advance flight tickets, and then the ones that were affordable weren’t at convenient times, as I had an interview the morning of the day I wanted to travel. Said interview went very well, kudos to the interviewer for doing her best to put me at ease. Anyhow, the next cheap option was to go by bus. I thought, well, if the bus is comfortable enough, I should be able to relax and all. I will spend the next few lines outlining my experience.

I bought a ticket to take me from Eindhoven to London, and the trip was supposed to take 8 hours, 23:30-07:30. We were also supposed to get on a ferry at some point, from Calais to Dover. I arrived at the station too early, and had to wait quite a bit but that was okay because I met some dude from Curacao who tried to introduce me to some sort of IT business, but when it was clear I wasn’t so interested, he gave up and we started talking about other things like radioactive isotopes. Really. And no, I’m not a chemistry major. My bus arrived when it was supposed to, and I got on. It looked so (dingy? tacky?) I couldn’t believe I was in Europe. Like, I’ve been on buses before, so I have a certain expectation of how their interiors are supposed to look, especially when I’m supposed to sit in them for 8 hours. My days. Anyway, I was happy to find a seat to sink into, and we began the journey. When we got close to the Calais port, we had to get off and be checked by the French border police, and the UK border agency. French check was a breeze, but UK, LOL. They deserve multiple awards for asking the most absurd questions known to man. “Do you have enough money to travel?” “Yeah, of course”. “How much do you have?” “And why would you be asking me that?” “Okay, where are you going after the UK?” Sigh.

After the border checks, we had to get on the ferry. Now, I’ve been on ferries before, so I thought this would be a nice opportunity to relax with a cup of hot chocolate and my nice book, but no. That day, I learnt the meaning of sea-sickness. I couldn’t walk without swaying, and I was just thinking: what the hell? Why is the English Channel like this please? See why I want to live in Scandinavia? none of that foolishness on the Baltic Sea. You won’t even know you’re moving. On the bright side, thank heavens I didn’t decide to go all the way by ferry, that would have been a disaster. I couldn’t even lie down, because all the couches were occupied.

Right, I’m going to stop now and go have lunch, and continue later