A 2015 recap of sorts, and other things II

I chronicled the first half of my 2015 here, and it was too long so I decided to post in 2 bits. Here’s the other bit.

Jul – Sept

I moved back with no job in sight but many entrepreneurial ideas (because what else could I really do?). I have friends though, who sent my CV around and about 4 days after I got back, I got a job and my boss is my type of person, and I’m quite well-paid, so yay! My entrepreneurial ideas are now dusty though, but that’s fine for now.

Because I was broke and wasn’t sure where I was going to live when I got back, I made arrangements to go stay with the bf for a while. Even when I got a job, there were some delays with the project I was supposed to handle and I had to work remotely while that got sorted, so I was still living with the bf. That was good for us in a way, because it’s like suddenly being around each other all the time after years of long-distance. It also meant having to fly to Lagos every time either/both of my parents announced their presence, because of course I couldn’t tell them I was perching with the bf, they thought I lived with a friend in Lagos.

Aside: This friend’s house used to be my default place to stay in Lagos but she had gotten tired of the place because it wasn’t in the best location and then some dynamics in the house itself were annoying, so she  moved to a better location with better ‘dynamics’. The only snag was I couldn’t ‘move’ with her. My folks already knew about this friend but at the time I was coming back, I couldn’t tell them she’d moved because then they’d have been extra curious about where I was supposed to be living.

Oct – Dec

I travelled quite some between July and November, but for reasons too long to get into right now, my project got cancelled. So now I was and am still hanging in the balance (because I don’t have a signed contract, only a verbal, good-faith one) but working and getting paid every month.

I interviewed for a UX Design job in Kano though, and I’m hoping that comes through so that I can have a contract and my own house – even though I’m looking at houses in Lagos in case Kano doesn’t pan out. If it does though, I hope my present boss can keep me on as a remote freelancer (i.e. I want to turn his projects into my side hustle) because somehow I’m sure I’d be able to handle the load, as long as I’m still allowed to define the amount and kind of work I want to do. Fingers crossed 🙂

I’m in a pretty good place now, and I’m thankful that things are going relatively okay. I don’t have much money but I’m not destitute and reliant on my folks to subsidize my life. I had 10 goals this year, and I think I accomplished about 5.5 of them. I’m still very thankful, and hopeful for a better 2016.

I’m thankful for my family, and my boyfriend, and friends, and ALL the patience and support I’ve gotten. I’m thankful for safe travels and smooth plane rides (I really hate turbulence and my stomach drops every time there’s a bump). Thankful for relative financial ease in this last quarter, and my mother’s cooking. For good health all-round, and that there were no deaths in my immediate circle this year. For the great things that happened and are happening in the lives of ‘my people’.

In 2016 I’d like to grow as a UX Designer, by taking on more design projects in a structured environment (and I think the Kano job is the perfect avenue for me but let’s see how that goes), and I’d like to try my hand at a new UX-related blog which I’ll talk about if I do. I also want 2016 to be more fun than 2013 was, so I’d like to travel to new places (but also save money and make investments, and I wonder how I’ll pull that one off), meet interesting people, get a car, implement at least one of my entrepreneurial ideas for passive income, and kick ass at my job. Maybe I can also FINALLY learn to play the violin too.

For some inexplicable reason, the phrase “stay hungry, stay foolish” just popped into my head. I’ve just googled and seen that it’s a quote by Steve Jobs, and also the title of a book. Well, I hope that’s what I do in 2016 but not in the literal sense because it’s a very bad idea for one to literally remain without nourishment and/or wisdom.

Happy Holidays! x



Tidbits while I write my thesis II (Or: Mini quarterlife crisis, if there’s such a thing)

5. I went to the UK about 1 month ago. My visa was about to expire and I thought to use it one more time, so I booked 2 tickets on 2 different airlines: Ryanair to go, Jets2 to come back. People, I missed my Ryanair flight by 1 second. It was a morning flight, and there were so many people on the queue. I asked to be moved forward but they told me “don’t worry, the plane won’t leave without you”. Well, it did. And then, just as they were closing the gate, I ran up screaming – okay, well, whispering – “nononono!!!” and they just said “sorry, can’t let you through, you have to go back to the service desk. Sigh. Off to the service desk I went, where they told me (a bit too cheerfully) that I’d have to be put on the next flight (21:20), and I’d have to pay an extra 110Eur. Aha, so that’s why they were so cheerful. LOL. Screw you. I went and sat down, took out my computer and booked a flight on British Airways. But then I had to fly to the train station and get to Rotterdam (as I was in Eindhoven) airport. Luckily for me, BA was flying straight into London City, so that was just perfect. Well, I got to London safe and sound, then began the arduous journey to Leeds (someone should look into making daily small-plane services a thing. Like between London and Leeds. I’d pay 50 Pounds if you could get me there in 10-30 minutes instead of 4.5 hours. Sheesh).

6. 9:47am, 25.04.2014: Mika’s ‘Grace Kelly’ is everything for me this morning. So much so that I want to do a cover (video) of it, set in the 60s, maybe a la TemiDoll’s ‘PataPata’.

7. I turn 25 in a couple of days, and I cannot even begin to describe how or what I feel, to be honest.

I’m writing my Masters thesis, and I shall be graduating this summer. I have 2 years of (semi?)professional experience, and about 21 years of schooling experience. For all of these years, I’ve always known what ‘the next step’ would be. Sometimes, there were crossroads, but there was always a next step, regardless. Now, I’m not quite sure what my next steps would or should be.

Also, I practically stopped living at home when I was 10. I went to boarding school, and my family lived far (like 6-700km) away, so I only saw them at vacations, or the odd visiting day when Father or Mother happened to be in town on business. When I started my first job, it was again, far (4-500km) from ‘home’, so I’ve pretty much been ‘independent’ and nomadic for the past 15 years. One might argue that my family and I have been in a long distance relationship, which I’m fine with. However, these days, I find myself thinking that maybe it’s time to settle somewhere. At the same time, I think I still have about 2 more cities/countries to ‘wild out’ in before I settle.

With the boyfriend, it’s been the same (long distance) thing. Of our ~5 years together, we’ve only ever lived in the same city for 1 year. Some people might read this and think “I could never do that!”, but </shrug> it’s my reality and it usually isn’t something I’m happy or sad about, it just is. my life. And I was happy when he moved to the UK because then it meant we were at least on the same continent.

Today, I’m sad. The boyfriend got a job with a very, very good company (and we’re so very happy about it, you cannot begin to imagine) and he has to move back to Nigeria next month. Because, we’re not going to say “no, please wait for me to enjoy summer, I’ll come afterwards”. Nay. (Not like he didn’t try though. They couldn’t wait. And he couldn’t very well say “well, go screw yourselves then”.) We did have plans for this summer though. Good plans.  Oh and, the way schedules are set up, it appears no one is going to be able to make it to my graduation. Well done, Life.

Now, I do have a vague idea what’s supposed to happen next for me, but then it very much depends on whether things ‘fall into place’, which I hope they do – and in the way that I want them to-. I’m speaking about getting a job, of course. My supervisors here have been pretty pleased about my work and they’re very interested in keeping me on, but it depends on if a vacancy opens up, as they do not have the power to manufacture a vacancy, etc. Fingers crossed then. I think what I’ve just described is my apprehension. Still on apprehension, I have to submit my thesis in 14 days and I’m only 70% ready. Cue panic.

In other interesting-but-slightly-panicky news, I tried to start a 3rd party logistics business (even paid for a logo and got a website and everything), but I couldn’t quite get it off the ground because I wasn’t able to figure out how to make it ‘affordable’ by my standards. Also, I started noticing last year, that a couple of (Nigerian) companies have such piss-poor customer service on social media. You tweet at them to complain about something (because their customer lines are ‘busy’), and they get a bot to respond to you. “Thank you for your comment/enquiry. Please call 1234 for help, or email xyz@abc.com”. It used to piss me off a lot, even when I wasn’t the one being mistreated. So I started ranting about and saying maybe I should start a social media management business, because I want to see how hard it is to treat your (online) customers well. As I said, I was only ranting. And then, a friend took me seriously and sent out a couple of texts, and *abracadabra* we started a business and now we have 3 clients. In 1 week. Well done, Life. We haven’t even gotten a website or logo. [Aside: Thankfully, it is a lot easier for me to figure how to keep this business affordable for clients 😀 ]

I have no plans for my birthday, I suppose I’m going to spend it reading Anne of Green Gables and/or The Perks of Being a Wallflower or something. There’s a barbecue thing tomorrow though, so I shall attend and afterwards, my Spanish friend will make us mojitos and spanish omelettes. Oh and she’s finally moving on Sunday. Too sad.

I want to learn to play the violin this summer. I’m accepting donations to buy one. [Shall I open a Kickstarter/Indiegogo project for you my dearest friends, to contribute?] 😀

Update – February

I moved to my new city in the middle of February. Before I moved, not much happened: I showed the house to a prospective tenant, met with my thesis supervisor (who is super nice), bought dumbbells (time to get this body ready for summer), exchanged emails with a set of fitness consultants (this actually happened in January), started exercising (it’s time to get this body ready for summer). The day before I moved, I met with my supervisor and bought a bunch of novels to keep me company in my new city, then attended a TED talk at my university. I also had to make a few calls to car rental companies, because I had no plans of taking the train to my new city. Why? Because somehow, I had managed to accumulate 5 suitcases worth of stuff. I gave out one full suitcase of stuff, but it still wasn’t enough.

The day I was moving, a couple of friends came to pick me after renting a car. One of them had to bring over his huge, empty suitcase for me to pack my leftover stuff that couldn’t fit into anywhere. Sigh. Anyway, the journey took 1.5 hours. That’s another reason it would have been annoying for me to go by train: Going by train requires multiple platform changes and it takes 3 hours. First, we had to go drop off one suitcase at the charity/thrift shop, then we took off. Did I mention that the organization I’m interning with is giving me free accommodation at a hotel? Well we got to the hotel, I paid €45 deposit for the keys (good thing I had that amount in my bag, else I’d have had to go look for an ATM), then got a luggage trolley to take all my stuff up the stairs. One of my friends actually took a picture of all my luggage and posted on my Facebook wall 😦

Went out for lunch afterwards, with my friends. Then we took a walk along the waterside and took a few pictures, after which they dropped me off at my hotel and went home. Now I had to unpack by myself. I love to travel. I like having nice stuff. But I hate packing and unpacking. Gah. Now it was time for me to unpack though, and so I began to tackle it…for about 4 hours. I was actually taking little breaks here and there. I love my new room though, and I finally have my own toilet again – and it’s a normal WC!!*

My first 2 weeks at work have been pretty uneventful, I had to go round and meet everyone in my department, I got a safety training, started writing my literature review, etc. Nothing very interesting. I must say though, that before Friday, I had been a bit confused as to what exactly this company wants from me. But then I spoke with my boss on Friday (he’s been away since I arrived), and now I have a sense of direction, so my faffing days are over. I’ve also been fortunate to join a car pool that costs me just €8/month, as opposed to taking the bus and spending about €66/month on transport. So that’s very nice. I also have nice coworkers who invite me to go to lunch with them, and who kept checking on me during my first week, “just to make sure you’re okay”.

I think that’s about it. Oh I live with 17 other interns on my floor, and we share a kitchen. But guess what, the kitchen is always clean. Everyone always cleans up. Quite a sharp contrast to some places I’ve been. My life has become pretty much routine: Wake up, pray, work out, breakfast, go to work, lunch, come back, head straight to the fridge for juice, dinner soon after that, get a nightcap (hot chocolate and biscuits) at 20:30 sleep between 22:00-23:00. My body has even adjusted such that I start feeling hungry at 7:00, 12:00, and sleepy at 22:00. Interesting. I need to figure out a way to be productive at work though, because I feel so lethargic in the mornings. Maybe it has a little something to do with the weather. Speaking of the weather, it’s quite windy around these parts. I need summer to show up ASAP.

Meanwhile, countdown to Game of Thrones Season 4. Whoop!

*I wrote this post some time last year, talking about Dutch WCs.

My 2013 In Review

January: Moved to Finland. The sun used to rise at 9:00 and set at 16:00. Snow everywhere. Slipped on ice twice. Yikes. Went for a party early, and decided it would never happen again – I’d stick to being fashionably late henceforth. Discovered to my delight, that school cafeteria food was more awesome and cheaper than in France. Signed up for a course called Information Systems Research on Games. I cannot explain how/why, but that course was very draining (which is why I have mentioned it here), perhaps because I found out a bit too late, that I had no interest in it.
My friend and classmate lost her father, I still remember that day like it was yesterday. Sigh.
February: Went away for a weekend to a cottage on an island. Went hiking on that island (and saw huge paw prints that made me think “there are polar bears around, for sure”). Discovered that I really really like Finnish people when they’re drunk. Sent a surprise parcel to my folks in Nigeria. I had to break the ‘surprise’ when the package didn’t arrive (and still hasn’t). Had my first exam of the year, aced it *fist pump*. Started learning to code. Made friends I still speak to today. (I realize what that last sentence sounds like, but yeah…)
March: Went on a ship trip to Stockholm, along with 1500 other students. Developed a flu the day before I was supposed to go, and then instead of attending my French class, I decided to go get chicken wings instead.
Had a drinking experiment the day I got back from Stockholm. Yes, it was an experiment, a la Amy Farrah Fowler from The Big Bang Theory. The results of that experiment? Well…I didn’t go (totally) bonkers.
We had some sort of midterm holiday, during which I attempted to learn to play Call of Duty. Met Mims.
Ingested loads of chlorine while learning to swim one day, such that my body reacted badly for the next couple of days. Sigh. Attended someone’s song/video debut at a bar. I had imagined I would not like the song, but I did. Started exercising to get my body ready for summer.
April: Skiing trip. Ha, this one was interesting, as I had never skied before this trip. Couple of falls later, well, I can definitely ski proficiently as long as I’m not required to go up any slope. Please no. The sledding bit afterwards was much more fun.
Went on a class trip/cruise to Åland, by ship. Gorged on the buffet menu. Went for a jazz night with a(n) ‘Orleans in the 1930s’ theme. Interesting.
May: Had my last exam, and then…my birthday! Invited people to my house, then went elsewhere afterwards. Went to church for the first (and only) time in Finland. Attended Vappu. Meh. Attended Mims’ brother in law’s birthday dinner in Helsinki. Started attending Finnish barbecues and game nights 😀
June: Ha. The sun was no longer setting at all at this point, very very nice.  Helped a friend move. Attended Mims’ wedding party in Helsinki. Fun fun fun. Attended a conference later too. Well…lots of things to giggle about in that conference.
Prepared to move to Netherlands.
Attended a Juhannus (midsummer) carnival-type thing on an island, took loads of silly pictures.
Went to Tallinn, Estonia, also by ship. I’ll never forget the tavern I had brunch in. Lol.
July: Went to the beach, was a tad underwhelming because the beaches I’m used to seeing beaches have clean sand and water. This one had dirty looking sand and seaweed. I tossed about in it for a bit though. I was to discover, about 3 months later, that people actually eat seaweed. Interesting.
Went on a boat ride in my friend’s sister’s boat, and I got to steer it. It’s interesting how 55km/hr on water feels like 100km/hr. Tried (and failed) to paddle a canoe, it was so hard.
August: Moved to the Netherlands (and actually let out a sigh as I typed that. I still miss Finland). I had really hoped that this semester would prove me wrong and be loads of fun. But schooling in the Netherlands as I have come to find out, is quite hard if you are used to less tasking systems. In my opinion, the educational standards aren’t necessarily higher than, say, Finland, the workload is just a lot more. But then what do I know about standards of education? Netherlands was sha hard for me. Ugh.
Bought a bicycle and learned to ride it, thanks to my flatmate. Oh, yeah I like my flatmates, they’re awesome in more ways than one.
September: Joined a student association as a committee member. Started drowning in school work.
Attended a cycling dinner. The cycling bit was not fun as I was still learning, but the dinner itself was quite nice.
October: Visited Amsterdam. Not a very pleasant trip, mostly because of my travel companions and horrible food.
Travelled to the UK and finally saw the boyfriend after one year. Whoop!
Cut my hair and proceeded to live in/under a beanie for a bit 😀
(Remember, remember, the 5th of Movember) November: Sorry, I couldn’t resist typing that preceding nonsense.
Went to Brussels for a career fair, and took a tour later. School work was threatening to crush me by this time 😦

December: Attended a Christmas activity/party thing organized by my association, got funny presents. Lol. Went with my friend for an ultrasound (first one I’ve ever been to), dibs on being the godmother of that child. (Or not, seeing as I haven’t the slightest clue what a godparent should do.) Mims’ mommy passed. RIP 😦

Replaced my crappy phone, finally. Took a road trip to Berlin with my friends, slept in awesome places, ate relatively nice food, drank gluhwein. Travelled to the UK, spent my days watching TV and applying for jobs, etc.

Here’s hoping I can come back to write a couple of profound lines before the year finally runs out, but in the event that I don’t, well…2013 has been more than a tad challenging, but I’m grateful for a whole lot of things: my family, health, life, love, friendship, privileges, nice people, new recipes, safe travels, cider, Spotify, Codecademy, proper heating, I’ll just stop now.
Cheers to 2014. Please be a lot better than 2013. Please.

Merry Christmas

To those who celebrate it, Merry Christmas; to those who don’t, Seasons Greetings/Happy Holidays (and if you don’t have any vacation at this time, well… have a nice day anyway).

I’ve been having exams for the past couple of weeks, and for some reason, for the first time in my life, I had no motivation (or fear, really) to study for my exams. That was odd. I did manage to study though, just not as much as I’d have liked – and I think they all went okay apart from the last one, which everyone found difficult anyway, so it’s not like the difficulty stemmed from the fact that I didn’t study.

This post is already looking quite disjointed, but then I hope you find it a tad enjoyable, if nothing.

After I got back from the Uk in November, I went to Brussels the very next weekend. I had applied and been invited by Careers International to attend a career fair, and accommodation was supposed to be gratis, in Sheraton. Of course I accepted, how could I turn down a free night in Sheraton? The career fair itself was successful, I think. At least I got 2 interviews, and I have a follow-up interview scheduled for January. So that’s good, no?

After the career fair, a couple of people and I decided to explore Brussels for a while before we got on our trains. I had Belgian waffles, and chocolate, and saw a Tintin store (remember him? The Adventures of Tintin?), and the statue of the peeing boy, Manneken Pis (I still don’t know why that thing is so popul…wait. I just googled. Now I know. Apparently he even has a female counterpart too. Tor). I think that was quite a fun experience for me, being that I only had a couple of hours.

After Belgium, I had quite a number of assignment deadlines, and one interview, and I managed to handle them (yay me). Then disaster struck. One, I didn’t get one of the jobs I interviewed for, and I had gotten to the last stage already. Two, another one I interviewed for, was cancelled. As in they cancelled the position. That was sad, but not as devastating as the one I didn’t get. Next, my laptop stopped working. I can say right now that I do not have a functional laptop, but thankfully, I have an e-reader, which is what I used to study for exams. One day I set an alarm before going to bed, because I was supposed to have a meeting in the morning, and a presentation afterwards. The meeting was at 9:00. Guess what time yours truly woke up? 9:08. Why? Because my phone, whose battery was at 85% before I slept, decided to die for no reason during the night, hence the alarm didn’t go off. You know how I said I was going to get a Nexus 5 because I was tired of the stupid phone? Well, in the Netherlands, it costs almost twice the original Google Play Store price. This is because consumption tax here is really high, and I’m guessing that’s also why we don’t have a Play Store for Netherlands. Anyway, I decided to get the Moto G by Motorola/Google. If you follow tech news (I don’t, but it always seems to be around me), you might have heard of the Moto G before, and you’d have seen that it’s new, and the reviews are awesome. Time to get the phone, I placed an order on Expansys NL. They sent me a message asking for verification of stuff, and I responded to the message, and even called several times. No one picked up the phone, no one responded to my email. Well played, Expansys. So I kept looking anyway, and then I found Handtec Uk. They had the model I was looking for, but it was out of stock. I typed in my email address so they’d send me a notification when they finally had it, and the day I saw the ‘in stock’ notification, I placed my order. They asked for verification as well, but they were prompt to respond to my messages and concerns, and my package arrived the day they said it would. Guess what? It was also a lot cheaper than Expansys. LOL. Anyway, so I’ve got a new phone, and I couldn’t be happier. Honestly. The phone is not perfect, of course…to cut costs, they had to make the camera and speakers more than a tad shitty, and the phone came without earphones or a wall charger, just a USB cable. I have never been exposed to such ‘peasantry’ in my history of phone purchases, but it is very excellent value for money anyway, so I can’t even complain. The pictures are decent in optimal/natural light, and you can use HDR for nighttime pictures; also, I’ve still got the earphones that came with my Sony phone, so it’s all good. Now, all that’s left is a new laptop. I want a Macbook Air, or something just as slim. The only ones I’ve seen that fit the bill are made by Samsung, but then I’m not sure how Samsung laptops behave, I mean, that’s not exactly the brand you think of when you want to get a laptop. Ah well..

After my exams ended last week, my friends and I took a road trip to Berlin. We found a really cheap, fully furnished 4 bedroom apartment near the ‘city center’, where ‘cheap’ = 15 Eur a night, per person. There were 5 of us. On our last night there, we had to move to another place, so we found somewhere called Design and Style Hotels, also close to the center. We got 3 rooms for 68 Eur in total, so that’s less than 14 Eur per person. You would think for that price, it would be shitty, but nonono, I dare say my room in that hotel was much, much better than my room in Sheraton. (Maybe I shouldn’t compare, since DaS appears to be really new, and Sheraton is quite old, but) I was very impressed. The customer service was also quite excellent.

Okay my word count has gotten too long. If you managed to make it this far, I’m sorry it was this long. Happy Holidays people!

Time to Say My Goodbyes

Yes, the dreaded time has come. I really did not think I would fall in love with Finland the way I have, but well, here I am. I was really scared of the cold, because of the way it was described, but now I’ve been through it, and c’mon. There was no time that I felt really cold, none at all. Even with the weather at -11 degrees and lower, I was fine. Like they say, there’s no bad weather, only bad clothes. I didn’t really like the fact that it used to get dark at 16:00 though. However, I’m happy to report that summer more than makes up for winter. Really. Like, it doesn’t get dark at all at night, it’s warm, everything is nice…I could go on and on. I’m really going to come back and live in Finland. People like to tell me that I’m probably enjoying it because I live in a student community, so there are like-minded people around me, etc..and that if I come back here to work, I will be bored senseless, because Finns aren’t necessarily the friendliest people on earth. Well, that’s exactly why I would fit right in. Who says I like to talk to people? Socializing once in a while is fine, but I really can’t handle constant parties and ‘hangouts’. Miss me with that.

As I was saying, Finland has been the most interesting part of my journey so far, and in my friend’s words, “I have no doubt that Netherlands would be the least exciting part of this your educational sojourn”. Sigh. I’m really going to try to keep an open mind, but it’s difficult to do that when you don’t even have a bathroom to yourself. Yes guys, I’m going to have to be sharing a bathroom, and you remember how dutch toilets look, yeah? *Shudder* However, I have to say that the Netherlands seems to have more job prospects and all, probably because of its proximity to the U.K and Germany; therefore it might be more practical for me to remain there. <Pep talk to myself:>It’s also not fair to judge a place before you’ve been there, how would you feel if people simply assumed you were a sad, tiny girl, simply because you never smile without cause?</Pep talk>

Of course packing is the biggest female dog there is. And of course I’ve acquired yet another suitcase. Excess luggage is basically my middle name at this point, there’s no need to pretend otherwise. I dread the journey ahead though, because it involves taxis, buses, trains, and the only one that doesn’t involve any stress, a plane. Sigh. Oh. You guys, I heard that since Mutallab pulled that stunt that year, Schiphol has been extra strict on Nigerians – because he basically passed through there with the bomb thing, undetected. I don’t want to laugh, I really don’t. Moving on…so I’m gonna miss my huge room and private bathroom and everything, and the awesome view from my window. On the bright side, I hear things are cheaper in NL, and the internet speed in my new house is supposedly fast. I’ve also been assured that my housemates are very nice people, we shall see. (I don’t care, I want Finland!)

By the way, I’ve been learning Dutch, but something happened today that made me stop and think: A couple of guys stopped me on the road to say hi, etc*, and they spoke to me in Finnish. After the greetings, which I responded to, my brain literally entered ‘flight mode’ and the only thing I could think of was “en puhuu suomea” Translation: I don’t speak Finnish.. So they continued in English, and well, moved on. After I left them, my brain started replaying the encounter and I started discovering that oh, I actually understood everything they said, because I knew all the words. But at the point where I should have showed understanding, my brain refused to function. Sigh. This is what was happening in France too…am I wasting my time learning Dutch? The Dutch speak excellent English, so there really might be no need. I’ll force myself though. I must have a second language that I’m fluent in.

*Note: this is weird, because Finnish people supposedly never talk to strangers on the road, unless there’s an emergency. This was no emergency

Skiing, Again

I really don’t remember anything that happened during the week in which these events occurred. Couple of boring classes, nothing noteworthy. Meh. I think.

I went to an Irish pub on Saturday, to watch a rugby game, and since it was (almost) St Patrick’s Day, they gave everyone green hats and stuff. I got a green headband that makes me look like a waitress :). I like going to the Irish pub, because they (the bartenders) speak in Irish accents, and it’s so refreshing to hear a ‘traditional’ English accent. Speaking of accents, I think I’m beginning to like the Finnish English accent. However, for me, the French English accent is just….maybe I’ve become overly familiar with it, so no comments, to each his own -_-

Yes, I went skiing again, this time at a track ‘close by’. My companions wanted to walk, and I thought it was ridiculous seeing as the buses were fully functional, but I joined them anyway. The journey took 45 minutes, and wasn’t as tiring as I thought it might be. I’m glad to report that I’ve gotten better at skiing, and I can now climb (small) slopes without falling a lot. I think a couple of us kinda looked like retards, because different people said “this is your 1st time, right?”. LOL. Oh well… We skied about 3km in all, before we decided to call it a day. My arms were aching, I fell a couple of times, and my legs twisted at angles I never thought possible. I’m surprised I didn’t require medical help afterwards, but it was a good day.

After skiing, the people I went with invited me for lunch at their place, and I went, skeptically. I mean, I don’t really know the tastes of Slovakians or South Americans. I planned on eating very little, but I ended up eating plenty, the food was that good. It was a simple meal of baked potatoes and fish coated in flour, bread crumbs and eggs, and fried.

PS: Slovakia seems to be a really nice place, from my friend’s accounts. I should visit, but then I wanna visit Estonia and Norway and Poland first. Sigh. Too many places, so little money, time or companions 😦